Bug in Nintendo Game Allows Dudes to Marry, Takes Baths and Have Babies

HomokoreNintendo’s Tomodachi Collection: New Life is like The Sims except until now, players haven’t been allowed to enter into same-sex marriages.

No, Nintendo didn’t “evolve” on the issue and Tomodachi is not trying to get on the right side of history. Rather, it seems it’s all a mistake. And a very popular one at that.

Players of the recently released game have begun reporting a bug that allows male characters to marry each other, go on honeymoons and even have and raise children. That bug, however, is totally misogynistic as the same rights are not available for female characters.

According to Kotaku, users are “thrilled” by the bug, posting photos of their characters in domestic bliss — including taking baths together — and spawning the hashtag, “homokore” or “homo collection.” This continues Japan’s current obsession with all things gay-male-sex-related.

To wit, there’s a new meme in the form of a four-legged crawler who goes around saying “Homoo…” or “Gimme Homoo” in its quest for gay men. Also known as a Saturday night among the Queerty staff.

Nintendo has neither confirmed nor denied that this in indeed a bug, though after a user contacted their customer service, he was told the game needs to be patched. However, the gay marriage bug — which as we all know, is spreading — has become an all new reason to pick up Tomodachi Collection. Because who doesn’t love some virtual man-on-man bath time? (#guilty)

Sadly there are no plans for a Western release, but how can we get a similar bug in the Supreme Court?