Homosexual Machine

Just because Canada normalized marriage for gay people doesn’t mean all Canadians have come to their senses. Stephen Boissoin, an overweight bigot in Edmonton, Alberta, published a letter in the Red Deer Advocate, a hot read if ever there were one, saying that promoters of LGBT civil rights are as immoral as pedophiles, drug dealers and pimps. To read the whole letter is to understand better the unenlightened, doo-doo-brained, twisted forces against which gays must struggle.

Homosexual Machine

Darren Lund, a professor at the University of Calgary, is bringing a suit against Boissoin on the basis that the letter violates human rights law in Alberta. You get the arguments already, right? Freedom of speech. Fomenting hatred. Blah-blah-blah.

The Concerned Christians Canada Ltd. accuses Lund’s supporters of being anti-Christian. “This is not just a battle against free speech by the militant and well-funded homosexual radicals, but this is even more importantly an attack on clergy and religious organizations,” says a group spokesperson. Hard to see why they think that. It’s not as if any gay-rights group had said that priests are as immoral as pedophiles, tee-hee-hee.

The Alliance Defense Fund, a U.S. redneck support group, is stepping up to the plate for Boissoin. Boissoin claims he isn’t against individual gays but rather the “homosexual machine.” All Queerty readers with knowledge of a homosexual machine are urged to send us his phone number.

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