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America Is Officially A Gay Dystopia, Says Pastor Who Predicts More “Social Rot” To Come

photoDoomsday preacher Carl Gallups spoke to WorldNetDaily Sunday, and yadda yadda’d that America is “gearing up for onrushing economic collapse” reports Right Wing Watch.

Gallups — a former law-enforcement officer with an upcoming book titled Be Thou Prepared: Equipping the Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble — opined:

“With the onslaught of predicted ominous events scheduled to occur in or around September of this year, as well as the actual scheduled events possessing possible prophetic overtones, a lot of people certainly are tuned in to the end of this year with a laser focus. Sadly, it sometimes seems the Russian media is more reliable and eclectic in its reporting than is the American media. Given the fact that the United States media often seems loathe to report on anything biblical or Christian in nature, unless it is excoriating or marginalizing them, this should not surprise us.”

In a separate interview with WWD, Gallup attacked a San Francisco public school that’s organizing a gay history class, suggesting teachers won’t tell students about “the history of the major civilizations that ultimately met their demise concurrent with the rise of rampant sexual promiscuity and deviancy within those cultures, especially embracing and accepting homosexuality.”

He then described homosexuality as “one of the most dangerous sexual lifestyles on the planet… This is just the beginning of the social rot that is to come.” It’s only dangerous if you’re not doing it right, Carl baby!

Gallups then said he doubts the writings of the Apostle Paul will find their way into the class.

If the complete and unwashed history of homosexuality is to be taught in government schools, with taxpayer money – should not the gay history that is ultimately taught be accurate and comprehensive? Or will it simply be a watered down mishmash of cherry picked topics designed to support, promote, and prop up the new politically correct homosexual lifestyle, despite the historical warnings against it and the health dangers that accompany one of the most dangerous sexual lifestyles on the planet? Sadly, I think we all know the answers to these questions.