How Dare You Say This Catholic Girls High School Is Screening Gay Movies for Students


Notre Dame High, an all-girls Catholic school outside San Francisco, cannot believe you think they’re showing students films about coming out! The audacity.

When the student focused group Youth in Motion — “an exciting new partnership between Frameline and Gay-Straight Alliance Network” — released a list of the 200 schools participating in program that provides free LGBT movies, Notre Dame High was on there, which meant it was taking part in something that put transgender love stories on display.

The school’s inclusion on the list was a mistake, they insist!

“Notre Dame High School, Belmont has not shown films and has not used school materials from Youth in Motion and requested and received confirmation of removal from its website and database on September 21, 2009,” the school said in a statement this week. “As a Catholic High School with a four year Religious Studies Requirement, Notre Dame’s faculty and administration faithfully adhere to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church in curriculum and instruction, policies, and programs.”

Well, glad the school is sticking to its promise to foster students who “respect and act with compassion toward all persons.”