How Do You Handle A Huffy Town Clerk That Doesn’t Wanna Sign Gay Marriage Licenses?

Ledyard Town Clerk Rose Marie Belforti doesn’t wanna sign same-sex marriage licenses because of her “religious beliefs.” So she wrote a letter to her Town Board invoking a law that would allow her to appoint a deputy clerk to sign ’em instead. The Town Board basically said, ‘Yeah, I guess… if that’s a real law and not just something you pulled out of your butt.’ So wait and see, we guess.

Meanwhile, when a newspaper called Belforti for a comment on her stand, she said “That’s not your business!” and hung up the phone.

One New York District Attorney has already said that she’ll criminally prosecute any “conscientious” county clerks who don’t wanna issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, but that was in Nassau county. And as far as we know, the “religious exemptions” part of the New York marriage law doesn’t give clerks the right to abandon their duties.

What if another clerk doesn’t believe in “driving” or in “zoning laws”? There’s gotta be a passage somewhere in the bible that objects to those.