How Long Does Tracy Morgan Have To Be GLAAD’s Queer Youth Spokesperson?

After calling homosexuality a choice and threatening to stab his gay son in a June 3rd standup routine, GLAAD has helped Tracy Morgan meet with gay homeless youth, talk with the mother of a gay bashing victim, and hold a press conference where he apologized for the bazillionth time.

Morgan still hasn’t met our incredibly high criteria for hate-speech forgiveness, but what else does GLAAD have planned for Morgan’s perpetual penance?

We’ve actually reached out to GLAAD to see if we can interview Mr. Morgan and learn more about what he plans to do moving forward. We’d like to see what it takes to prove a genuine change of heart these days. But all this raises several interesting questions:

– Why is it that Morgan will probably emerge from this unscathed, while Isaiah Washington from Grey’s Anatomy had his entire career pretty much derailed after calling T.R. Knight a “faggot”?

– How do actors and celebrities even get themselves in these anti-gay messes to begin with? Is their homophobia so engrained that it overrides the self-preserving instinct not to sabotage your own fame? Don’t publicists put these stars through sensitivity training?

– Is it really within the queer community’s interest to have all public figures never say anything anything even remotely anti-LGBT? Wouldn’t that keep the abuses and slurs we’re subject to everyday hidden from the public eye and keep homophobia underground?

– And why has the recent spat of homophobic slurs come from mostly black, straight-identified men? Why are some of Queerty’s commenters so willing to say racist things in attacking these men instead of attacking their homophobia, status, or male privilege?