How Long Does Tracy Morgan Have To Be GLAAD’s Queer Youth Spokesperson?

After calling homosexuality a choice and threatening to stab his gay son in a June 3rd standup routine, GLAAD has helped Tracy Morgan meet with gay homeless youth, talk with the mother of a gay bashing victim, and hold a press conference where he apologized for the bazillionth time.

Morgan still hasn’t met our incredibly high criteria for hate-speech forgiveness, but what else does GLAAD have planned for Morgan’s perpetual penance?

We’ve actually reached out to GLAAD to see if we can interview Mr. Morgan and learn more about what he plans to do moving forward. We’d like to see what it takes to prove a genuine change of heart these days. But all this raises several interesting questions:

– Why is it that Morgan will probably emerge from this unscathed, while Isaiah Washington from Grey’s Anatomy had his entire career pretty much derailed after calling T.R. Knight a “faggot”?

– How do actors and celebrities even get themselves in these anti-gay messes to begin with? Is their homophobia so engrained that it overrides the self-preserving instinct not to sabotage your own fame? Don’t publicists put these stars through sensitivity training?

– Is it really within the queer community’s interest to have all public figures never say anything anything even remotely anti-LGBT? Wouldn’t that keep the abuses and slurs we’re subject to everyday hidden from the public eye and keep homophobia underground?

– And why has the recent spat of homophobic slurs come from mostly black, straight-identified men? Why are some of Queerty’s commenters so willing to say racist things in attacking these men instead of attacking their homophobia, status, or male privilege?

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  • Tony

    How long does he have be queer spokesmodel? Never…I’d like him to just go away already.

    Real answer: As long as NBC/Universal tells him to.

  • So Yo

    He looks so uncomfortable in the photo that links to the full article…

  • Mike

    The racism is what truly bugs me. On Towleroad someone called David Tyree’s children “niglets” today. I think David Tyree is beyond revolting but should we really be using the N-word on anyone, let alone someone’s CHILDREN? How is that supposed to make us better people?

  • Steve

    Why was Washington’s career ruined? Probably because he engaged a physical confrontation and used anti-gay slurs while he was on set, at work, and no less around an openly gay person, to whom he directed his dislike. Tracy Morgan, as much as his stunt disturbs me, got in trouble at a comedy club where he was telling a “joke.”

  • Shannon1981

    The racism bugs me, too, Mike. I am one of the few black commenters on here, and it hurts. the thing is, homophobia knows no color. Are black church people homophobic? In my experience, hell yeah! They sent me to a fucking conversion camp and ruined me for life with that bullshit. But, also, look at who runs NOM, FOTF, AFA, PFI,etc. White people. So, why are we bringing race into this? Furthermore, when we bring race into it and turn it into a black/white war, we wind up burying the real issue, which is homophobia. I am sickened by the “niglet” comment.

    As for should we squash people saying anything anti- LGBT in public? No, we should let them spew their hateful garbage, then ruin their careers for it. This sends a message that if you behave this way, no matter your private feelings, you will pay for it.

  • ewe

    Bringing up ones minority status as a way to put people in their place for the double standards and hypocrisy they may be exhibiting is perfectly understandable. It is not ok to be anti gay anymore than it is to be anti black. It is not ok to be homophobic anymore than it is to be racist. Did you fucks hear that? Having said that, if a gay person calls you a nigger then they should be reminded that they are gay just as if a black person calls you a faggot then they should be reminded that they are black. But remember who did what to whom first in this particular circumstance before you have too much fun. Fun is what Tracy Morgan was supposed to be about right? He dictated what he thought was comedy. Lets get something crystal clear. There is this mantra going throughout our culture that says bringing up the color of ones skin constitutes inequality. And it does but no one gets to the top of any mountain alone which means it is equally wrong for anyone in our cultural pool including Tracy Morgan, who happens to be black last time i looked, to feel that it is acceptable to bring up for topic, abuse and condemnation the sexual orientation of gay people without consequence. There are repercussions and if you are a minority then open yourself up because you are gonna get the same criticism and ignorance that you dish out to make that point. If any of you stupid motherfuckers think that people are afraid to talk about this you are mistaken. And remember… who said what fucking first. PC freagin Assholes. I would spit in Tracy Morgans face and it is well deserved because we wouldn’t be talking about him if not for HIMSELF. Nothin but a bunch of Bullshit artists twisting and turning everything around to get off the topic of homophobia. Tracy Morgan is no victim. It’s really quite simple. In short, gay people rightfully expect more intelligence from another minority. If you don’t get it then you play the same game. Gay groups are treating Tracy Morgan as the retarded special needs person he has made himself out to be. Voila!!! Fini!!! Get over it.

  • ewe

    @Shannon1981: mmh hmm. And homophobia bugs me. Boo Hoo. Cry me a river. Tell me something. You just blamed a whole list of many white people for being the head of anti gay groups. Why do you feel what you just did is any different than racist comments about black people? Do tell. I’m waiting honey.

  • Aiden

    @ewe: Um, because it’s completely different. But don’t let that stop you from being an asshole.

  • Interesting

    Well, Shannon, it would be nice if it had bothered you when it started all over multiple gay web sites the same day that this story first broke. It continues to amaze me how you live your life based just on what Shannon is willing to see.

    I said at the time, and I can pull up my comments to prove it, that one form of bigotry is being used as a way to justify the other. I don’t see black straight homophobes as any different than white gay racists. if you listen to someone like Diaz of NY state who is fighting marriage equality- he sounds identical in reverse of some of the stuff you see here. The interesting thing about bigots is how much their arguments have in common.

    One of the reasons I finally presented data the other day was to illustrate just how much bigotry colors people’s views of race. THe result- the data was as expected ignored in favor of rants and parsing by the bigots. That’s what all bigots do. They ignore complexity.

    From reading comments here, you wouldn’t know this:

    “Despite their greater disapproval of homosexuality, blacks’ opinions on sodomy laws, gay civil liberties, and employment discrimination are quite similar to whites’ opinions, and African Americans are more likely to support laws prohibiting antigay discrimination. Once religious and educational differences are controlled, blacks remain more disapproving of homosexuality but are moderately more supportive of gay civil liberties and markedly more opposed to antigay employment discrimination than are whites.”


    If you don’t know, GSS is the gold standard for sociological research. In short- the issue in the black community is complex. The very fact all of this is (a) readily available online and (b) ignored should be a big red flag.

  • RainbowWarrior

    I don’t think he should have to do any of this. He made a conscious decision. He gave voice to something he personally thought, and that isn’t a crime. And if he wasn’t prepared to apologize or think about what he did ON HIS OWN, without pressure from the public or from his parent company, then he isn’t really sorry. Clearly comments like this will make a big impact on his status as a celebrity, and instead of scrambling now, after the fact, to recover his image and make himself look the hero by amending his ways, he should just have to face the consequences. A lot of people have been asking why Tracey gets all these sensitivity lessons and a second chance when Isaiah Washington pretty much just had to lie down and let the public backlash sink his career into the grave – this is why. He wasn’t pressured into insincere apologies, he was FIRED from the show he was on at the time and has become more or less a pariah in the public eye. He had to lie in the bed he made for himself. Tracey should be made to do the same thing. Don’t you think it will affect him much more profoundly to force him to live with that stain on his life than to try and convince the public that “he didn’t mean it”? I do.

  • Interesting

    I forgot my conclusion:

    The red flag should also be very clear from the fact that not only is it ignored, but then any incident involving people of color is used, even if its a positive event, to claim blacks are inferior to whites as far as homophobia (and by proxy,the argument is usually that blacks are inferior, not capable of being reached, etc.) That’s what the “nigglet” line comes from.

  • ewe

    @Aiden: mirror mirror on the wall. tell ms. Aiden she is the dismissive one after all.

  • Interesting

    @RainbowWarrior: (a) Tracy was giving a comic performance (b) Washington was not, and should have been fired. What amazes me is just how some of you seem incapable of discussing this issue with out losing a grip on the different between fantasy (a performance) and reality (what someone is saying in real life).

    Here’s a comedian discussing the issue with a significant online gay person:


    The point is not to excuse the act. The point is to not suggest one is not based in reality by saying that an act is equivalent to reality. By your logic, and that of many others here, it seems you can not tell the difference- that’s pretty scary.

    I think on shows like All In the Family- which was pretty racist- but I found extremely funny as a black guy. Now, can something cross a line? YES.

    Does that mean you get to pretend it wasn’t a comic act to make what you think is a political point? No.

    It just makes you seem disconnected over time from reality.

  • Spike

    I’ve yet to hear him explain why he included the homophobic hateful rant in his stand up that night? Just one simple explanation? Anything? Not really interested in his apologies and back pedaling, it would be nice to hear him explain why he felt what he said is funny and thus included it in his stand up act. True colors. Apology not accepted. Just go away.

  • Interesting

    @Spike: He also said he was going to kill his little nigger son, called his co-worker on 30 Rock- Tina Fey- a bitch in on skit, etc. The gay dude who watched his show who first reported this says that the act is known to be anti-PC. So when you say you have yet to hear- I have to wonder what you have been listening to or reading. Unless you think he really think his child is a nigger? Or that Fey is a Bitch, your comment once again demonstrates you and others are completely decoupled from reality.

  • Interesting

    This entire things reminds me of Andrew Dice Clay. There were a lot of people who lacked with him the ability to see his stuff as a performance. Now, did that mean his performance wasn’t offensive? No. It just means that Andrew Dice Clay was in fact giving a performance. Attack it as a performance.

  • Zeus

    All of this is ridiculous because even if what he said wasn’t from the heart and he isn’t horrifically homophobic, he also isn’t some giant gay right activist. He’s being forced to do all of these things and even if he really, truly doesn’t mean any of the bad things he said, this whole campaign is still coming off as forced and cheesy. Just because he said some shitty things does not mean he has to turn into the likes of Lady GaGa to repent.

  • Interesting

    @Zeus: @Zeus: agreed.

  • Ogre Magi

    A agree race isn’t the problem here, religion is!

  • Robert

    I’m seeing so much ignorance in the comment section I can’t even focus on Tracy Morgan. Why is race even being brought up? And “niglet” really? WTF

    Some people shouldn’t be allowed to comment on sites like this.

  • Shannon1981

    @ewe: What I just said is true. All those groups are run by white people.. My point is, race shouldn’t enter into it, period.

    I said black church people are notoriously homophobic as well. In other words, no side is more homophobic than the other, and homophobia knows no color.

  • Shannon1981

    @ewe: Furthermore, just like we always say reverse discrimination re: gay vs straight doesn’t really work, nether does reverse discrimination with race. Nobody every lynched anyone for being white, just like nobody ever beat anyone to death for being straight. The two things aren’t ever really going to be the same.

  • ewe

    @Shannon1981: I know and i understand. xxxooo. I also hear you when you say those words hurt your feelings.

  • ewe

    @Robert: Robert: there is a question posed on this thread and that’s why the comments are here for you to read. You want to deny the questions that were asked and censor the responses too?

  • Mike

    @Robert: Why is race being brought up? Because it’s a talking point in this article:

    “And why has the recent spat of homophobic slurs come from mostly black, straight-identified men? Why are some of Queerty’s commenters so willing to say racist things in attacking these men instead of attacking their homophobia, status, or male privilege?”

    And the “niglet” word, one I introduced over here, was one I read earlier in the day on Towleroad (page 3 of the most recent David Tyree article comments, posted by “Jonbenet,” which as of near midnight CDT has not been deleted).

  • Mike

    These articles, whether it be here or on Towleroad or any other gay blog site, do end up being very telling in the comments section when the racism starts to flow from the white people against the black people. You know for a fact none of these people would ever use that word to a black person’s face, because they’re not stupid and they’d deservedly get a beatdown they won’t soon forget.

  • Chris L

    Why is qweerty so quick to criticize gay people all the frigging time. Seriously all the time – for everything. Worse than the GOP. It’s tired already – we get enough criticism from the rest of the world.

  • Adman

    Blah blah, is what I heard after his apology following the Russel Simmons interview. Why do these groups get involved with these kind of dog and pony show tactics? Well, they are attempting to educate using the platform they have. It’s simple, it still doesn’t make me want to nor particularly like what Tracy does or doesn’t say, but it’s understandable.

    Anyway what’s interesting in meta terms on this site is this idiot “Interesting”, posting wild accusations repeatedly about people’s supposed racism, while backing it up with entirely anecdotal opinion and calling it “evidence” of hatred towards blacks. Then, he finally posts a very informative study in this thread (too little too late, IMO, since he’ll still run around throwing “white racists” around all damn day)with actual data proving his (Interesting’s) critics right about their treatment of his opinions on the subject of Tracy Morgan and black homophobia’s unique place on the queer community.

    How solipsistic of you Interesting, what else about your navel is supposed to be relevant to this story? Just curious, since you’re too faux-clever to ever shut the fuck up and listen to the actual gay community. You’re such a transparent gamer, it makes me wonder, is all.

  • TheRealMannequinAdam

    @Mike: LOL, Why would they say it to a black person’s face, when saying it on the internet is much more safe? I don’t blame them.

  • Bronxite

    Shannon : Actually, white people HAVE been killed for being white (starting with the Zebra Killings in the early ’70s). And John Wayne Gacy certainly killed straight boys because he thought they were “hotter” than gay boys. Just to stay accurate here. But I certainly don’t blame all Af Ams or gays for either of those. As for Morgan, I think this is all damage-control for the dreadful stuff he said, and I can’t stand him, but anybody who’d call him ( or especially his kids!) the “n” word is a hateful jerk. Why hurt the feelings of innocent people ?

  • Mike

    @TheRealMannequinAdam: So you think it’s acceptable to say it…at all. Wow, that tells me all I need to know.

  • TheRealMannequinAdam

    @Mike: Where did I say that it was acceptable?

  • Shannon1981

    @Bronxite: Thanks for the accuracy, but, in the context of the conversation, I am talking about homophobia and racism as they exist in and affect our culture right now.

    And I agree that using n bombs, especially against kids is just ridiculous.

    @ewe: xoxox right back :)

  • Chuck

    Well, Imus and Dr. Laura were fired for far less, so I guess the double standard remains in place. It’s okay (apparently) to make death threats and homophobic comments, but make racist comments and you’re fired.

  • Jeffree

    @Chuck: How is that a double standard? Mr. Imus & Dr. Laura were fired from their jobs for on-the-job behavior. So was Isaiah Washington.

    Mr. Morgan was NOT on the job (at NBC).
    His career in standup comedy is unlikely to bounce back, because he’s too risky to book & there *will* be protesters.

  • Yezzir

    Do you really want him to do all this as punishment? I mean, what kind of message does that send? You punish a child to teach a lesson. In a grown man, it seldom works. Look at repeat offender rates in prisons. Making him do GLAAD’s (doubtlessly at NBC’s behest) version of picking up trash on the side of the road, isn’t going to get to the root of the problem. In fact, it might instill resentment in both him and those who didn’t feel he had done anything wrong. I just think this is all hollow and pointless and that having turned the other cheek would have seemed less petty and tiresome. I mean, he’s a comic whose saving grace has been 30 Rock (and whatever unseemly deeds he does to stay on there). Without that show, he’ll star in some of the very c-grade films his character on that show is made fun of for starring in and then he’ll vanish. Instead, we’re taking a MORAL STAND and probably making a bigger mess of it all in the process. Typical of GLAAD et al.

  • velocifero

    The comedy stage as much as white, black and Latino racists would like to argue is not some magic free speech zone that let’s you disguise your racism, misogyny or homophobia or ass holism In the guise of a joke. All it does is magnify who you are. So the argument that’s it’s OK cause it’s comedy doesn’t hold water or logic. He is doing this because Universal/NBC and Tina Fey told him to. This a crass PR junket. And given GLAAD’s latest scandals, I don’t put any credibility into anything they do – though they are great at throwing themselves fundraising parties and garnering six figure salaries. I am sure they squeezed Morgan and Universal for a nice big contribution.

  • Interesting

    @Mike: Agree. One of the things that has happened with racism in the U.S. is that people hide it. This does not mean it doesn’t exist. That’s why i recently said Wanda Sykes is wrong when she mistakenly played into the Oppression Olympics by saying being gay is worse than being black. Race and gay are two things that have a great deal of bigotry behind both. The reality is that they now play out differently in our society. That does not mean that they aren’t discriminated against. It just means the racists hide behind a lot of shit now. They won’t even admit they are being racist, But then again the supporters of Jim Crow and slavery thought they were doing blacks a favor rather than being racist. so, really nothing changes regarding the justifications of bigots.

  • Jeffree

    @Interesting: You said in #11: “I forgot my conclusion.”

    When you reach one, will you please let us know? Thank you in advance. I look forward to it.

  • Interesting

    @Mike: If you will also notice, the bigots are playing the “I am not the bigot. You are” game. Bigots are all the same. JoeMyGod had a funny cartoon up about homophobes that is practically the same as the racist game


    In the above cartoon, its the gays fault that the homophobes are bigots. Here, its the blacks fault that the racists are bigots.

  • Interesting

    @Jeffree:I really have no time for Selective Memory Disease or a Selective Reading. If this is the same Jeffree from the other day, you posted in a thread that was about a hip hop artist supporting gay rights. Above, if you bother to understand the stats- it means that blacks are extremely supportive on issues of anti-discrimination prohibition for gays in places like the work force. So they support things like ENDA. That’s positive news. There are multiple examples of just this sort of thing. In Houston, the claim was that if the way to prevent a white Lesbian from winning was to try to incite homophobia in the black community since blacks were one third of the voters. Instead, she went on to win. In DC, the argument goes that we are 70 percent against marriage equality, yet marriage equality passed and it had no impact on those who passed it as far as their votes in the black community. That’s all positive information. Just as the 50 percent of whites support marriage equality is seen as positive news rather than saying well 50 percent still does not support us.

    Look, I get it- I am wasting my breath to the bigots on this board. The difference is that I am not putting this info up for you now. I am putting it up as a counter to you. So spew your racist shit. I will point out the facts. It may take time, but it will eventually sink in for those who aren’t bigots that the picture in the black communities, like the white ones is complex. Some bad. Some good.

  • Interesting

    And if i have not made it clear: The racist shit is the assumption that you can speak of the black communities as a monolith or simple to understand anymore than you can white communities

    I am sure many of you don’t even realize you are doing it. or don’t care. Either way, it needs to be addressed.

  • Sebastian

    Be he black, be he white, be he aisan, his words were HIS words. He wrote his routine and knew very well wich part of the country he was doing it in. IMO I beleive he thought everyone in the audience would relate. Goes to show what he really feels and thinks. He can apologize t’ill he is blue in the face and I still do not accept and/or beleive him. He needs to quit NBC, stop doing stand up and get an education. His ignorant bigotted homophobic rant comes from within Tracy Morgan; If not, he would not have been doing it over and over. Remmeber folks, this isn’t the first time he got caught but it is the first time the GLBT community says “Enough”. For those who say it was a joke, I can take a joke like the best of them but remember, Morgan himself said his words were Indefensible. For those who say, you weren’t there to hear what he really said, Morgan himself acknowledged those vile words. He needs to go periode!

  • Jeffree

    @Interesting: So you haven’t reached your conclusion and you’re still not finished with what you said in post #11 on this thread? A simple “yes” or “no” would work fine.

    I have no idea what the rest of your comment #41 refers to or means, but I don’t believe it has anything to do with me, so perhaps you can repeat it on another thread, in multiple posts, as you seek to “conclude”
    Maybe someone else will find it interesting & meaningful!

  • Interesting

    @Jeffree: @Jeffree: Your unwillingness to deal with racism does not mean a conclusion has not been made. It illustrates you are unwilling to deal with racism.

    My post is about your claim that I reach no conclusion (a charitable read of your post with the other being you want me to shut up. To which, of the later point, I say tough. ). I discuss how racism plays out here. Now, that I supply it to you again in a different form, you will still claim not to get it.

    As I said about you before, your arguments change from day to day, moment to moment: First it was my screen name, then my not saying anything positive, then my change of screen name, then I am a troll for discussing the blatant racism here, each time morphing to turn this into being about something other than the racism. Your arguments change, but underlying tactic remains the same: attack the messenger.

    Indeed, others make the same argument. You spend a great deal of time obsessing over me. Which again, makes no sense other than you have an unhealthy fixation.

  • Jeffree

    @Interesting: I have spoken out about racism & homophobia since long before you got here, since you were here as “IAbuseGays” and then left, and since you returned with the BARRAGE of posts that never reach any conclusion, and do not address the topic at hand.

    You act lile a “concern troll” who highjacks threads with repetitions of repetitions. You never reach a “conclusion” because that would mean you have to discuss things in an adult manner in an articulate way, without resorting to baseless accusations. You’d have to ENGAGE in the conversation, not preach & whine. You can’t do that.

  • greenluv1322

    I find it very interesting that none of you guys believe that Tracy Morgan is sincere. Give the man a break. Maybe he really was ignorant to the fact that his words had so much “power”. Kudos to Tracy.

  • Interesting

    @Jeffree: You have flip flopped on the issue when it suits you just like Shannon has.

    Your main focus is to attack me. Each time the attack changes, but the point is to attack. Why you feel the need to respond when I am not talking to you is beyond me. You can rationalize your fixation all you want. I am going to ignore you at this point because you are one of those people who fixates on people online rather than discussing what interests you as I am doing as far as this issue of race.

  • Jeffree

    @Interesting: When you can clearly state your opinion, in the context of the topic at hand, and say it without multiple versions in one obsëssive post after the next, you will be taken seriously.

    When you can admit to yourself that your rhetorical strategy isn’t working, you’ll change it. Until then, you’ll get the same results: being ignored, and convincing no one that you have any idea what you’re trying to say.

    That’s my conclusion. At least I have one. You just have a trail of “points” that go nowhere.


    I leave for a min and these punks are still talking about Morgan..Real talk get on something different. These white gays gone always think that blacks are all homophobic and we black gays gone always think that whites are all klan members. The white gays will forgive tracy morgan when his skin turns white then all would be well. Side note it’s kind of “Jim Crow” to think that everyone who defends the black community are the same person, i know it is hard wrap ur small minds around the fact that black gays do comment on Queerty and we are all not white-washed.. Peaces.

  • Interesting

    @Jeffree: Frankly, i don’t care what your conclusions are. like I said, you seem to have an obsessive personality that fixates on someone or something. its your right, but I don’t want to be a part of your craziness anymore. I want to discuss the topic of race as it pertains to how it plays out in our society because that’s interesting to me. You aren’t. good luck.

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    he can quit now as his “i’m sorry” is without feeling. he is going through PR motions.

    fuck him…….and fuck 30 rock. he is the worst kind of homophobe.

  • jeff4justice

    @Bobby Christina Crawford: No he’s not. The worst kind of homophobe kills gays. He’s reached out in peace and still folk like you want him to grovel forever. Get real.

  • Illiana

    GLAAD claims they want to end bullying, but then they start bullying someone over something that isn’t even all that offensive in the grand scheme of things.

    I used to be a supporter of gays til I got tired of all the racism and complaining they would lodge at people.

    I hate it when people claim they want equal rights, then they get upset over every little thing. Ever heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf? If you don’t choose your battles wisely, people are not going to take the important issues serious.

    Rule number 1 in life: you have to accept the fact that not everyone is going to like you and that its okay that they.

    Its one thing to fight for equality in the job and such, but to ruin someone’s life over a tasteless joke or because in one’s personal life they don’t agree with your lifestyle? Its that kind of behavior that turns people away. One day it will be known as “playing the gay card” or “crying homophobia” and once that happens all the majority group will talk about is supposed “reverse discrimination” as a defense for why your claims is nothing to be taken seriously and basically support condoning such discrimination.

    Also, those who have to insult an entire race because of the actions of one man must have low intelligence. Only dumb people make fun of the obvious or use the obvious to lodge insults at. It shows that you cannot think of anything more intelligent to say about the person.

    But as long as racism and the bully tactics remain a stronghold in the gay community, I am going to have to stick with the conservatives on this issue. I can’t support a group that feels it must bully down another group for the sake of trying to mend its own broken ego. Being a marginalized group does not give you the right to marginalize others.

    If you want equality, you should not try to push your enemies away even further. You should be doing everything in your power to appeal to them.

  • Jeffree

    Illiana: What is this “gay lifestyle” you speak of? Anyone who uses that term has never supported LGB rights, so don’t even pretend.

    Anyone using the term “black lifestyle” would reasonable be assumed to hold racist belief. And I would call them out on that. So, I am going to call you a homophobe and a bigot. I still can’t tell if you’re racist too.

  • logan23

    @Jeffree to speak of a “gay lifestyle” and to be a supporter of “LGB rights” (Here I hope you meant LGBT. I don’t think you meant to exclude our transgendered brothers and sisters.) are not mutually exclusive. Many LGBT people like to refer to a “gay lifestyle” with pride as well as do many black people with regards to a “black lifestyle.” Of course they are blanket terms which attempt to articulate a group’s identity and are not meant to describe the individual except, in the extreme, in a simplistic and dismissive way.

    I, also, agree with Illiana. We have to pick our battles. Tracy Morgan is not a politician or lobbying against the LGBT community. He’s a comic. We can argue his intent ad nauseum, but that takes focus away from the issues at hand, laws and policies created to deny us equal protection under the law. That’s what we should be concerned with. Not trying to curtail free speech, regardless of how offensive. Our opponents will and can use our intolerance against us. And speaking of intolerance, I think it’s time we look at the racism and sexism that exists within our community.

  • seocre

    Wow, I have just heard that Stacey Jackson is going to be singing at Gay Pride on 2nd July. Awesome.

  • TheRealMannequinAdam

    @Jeffree: Excellent post, Jeffree.

  • TheRealMannequinAdam

    @Illiana: You keep mentioning racism in the gay community, but I have yet to see anything of that sort displayed unanimously. I think what you may be seeing is reaction to the homophobia of the black community, which, for better or worse, is something quite different from racism. You can call it prejudice, but it’s not really racism.

  • Jeffree

    @logan23: Welcome to Queerty–you must be new! As hundreds of posts will show, I consistently refer to LGBT when it’s relevant: in this case the subject was “gay lifestyle” which is fundie speak for people who have sex with people of the same gender. I know that language well. They use other words for non cis-gender people: & I won’t write them here.

    As for “gay lifestyle” being widely used by gay people, you must be from another country. Lexicographal analysis of LGBT press (note the T, as it fits here) doesn’t provide evidence for your assertion. “Black lifestyle” also has low frequency in the US press. Try again.

    @ThePlasticeneAdam: Gracias, amigo. Once in a while, the words just flow. Most days, it’s like removing ticks from a deer: backbreakingly slow & sweaty work!

  • logan23

    @Jeffree you are right. I am new. I had to reread my post to check my tone to see why it would deserve some “finger snapping” from you. strange. I guess,the internet, it’s a great place for someone like you that does not have a dynamic, organic view of the world and very dogmatic understanding of things, to continually lambast people on this site. I’ve checked through some of the things you’ve said and how you’ve said them earlier. very interesting. you can be very dismissive and your reading of things (here I am being kind.) would benefit from being at least superficial. As such, you would have seen that I said that black people THEMSELVES and gay people (I use the term gay people to refer to LGBT. something the mainstream media does quite frequently. we can have a discussion about it’s efficacy later) THEMSELVES use the term black lifestyle and gay lifestyle respectively. I didn’t say anything about the press. I was referring to the shared experiences within the group. hence the pride.

    I would implore you to take a step back, put your ego aside and listen to some of the things being said here. we would probably benefit from your careful, measured analysis of a very interesting and disturbing trend. I spoke of the need to look at the racism and sexism within our community. you brushed it off. that attitude is what separates us. now is the time we should all stand united, you and I together for OUR common good. wouldn’t you agree?

  • Jeffree

    @logan24: Your advice is solid: your facts and logic are either misconstrued or unsubstantiated. Still, they’re “interesting” to read.

  • logan23

    @Jeffree. Thanks for proving my point.

  • Jeffree

    @logan23: Thanks for being unable to back up your “interesting” assertions about the “gay lifestyle” language use. When you can’t argue the facts or the logic, you argue with the person. Same old tactics. Not very convincing.

    Where did Illana go? Is she a “friend” of yours?

  • logan23

    @Jeffree it’s time for you to chill. Illiana is probably taking the same position I am forced to take. It was my mistake to engage you. you are a cyber bully. I was trying to open up a discussion on racism and sexism in our community to all included here. Unfortunately, I see that is not possible with you involved. I wonder if you would behave as such, if we were having this discussion face-to-face. Perhaps if you met me and I was a “real” person, you wouldn’t be so cavalier or cocky. If you want to grab a coffee and discuss, I live in NYC. I would be more than happy to meet you. Until then, please leave me alone. Unless, of course, if you are the type of person that HAS to have the last word. Good bye and take care.

  • TheRealMannequinAdam

    @Jeffree: logan23 = Interesting = IAbuseGays.

  • TheRealMannequinAdam

    @logan23: You are beyond pathetic, and your tactics are as tired as your arguments.

  • logan23

    @TheRealMannequinAdam please explain.

  • TheRealMannequinAdam

    @logan23: No.

  • logan23

    lol @TheRealMannequinAdam I didn’t think you would or could explain.

  • TheRealMannequinAdam

    @logan23: Could, yes. Would, no.

  • logan23

    Ugh… @TheRealMannequinAdam really? Are you 12? Or just hypocritical? I put it to you to substantiate your statement. If you claim, “I am (You) are beyond pathetic, and your tactics are as tired as your arguments”, please demonstrate how you came to this conclusion. Better yet, let’s just drop this. It serves no one.

  • TheRealMannequinAdam

    @logan23: I won’t demonstrate it because I’ve demonstrated it already to you many times, and so has Jeffree.

  • Jeffree

    Who wants the last word here?

    Not me, so “logan23” please feel free to continue your pointless monologue. Just don’t expect anyone to take you seriously, no matter how many ‘nyms & sockpuppets you dream up.

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