How To Discredit Rahm Emanuel In 4-Easy Steps

It’s official: Rham Emanuel has accepted Barack Obama‘s offer to become his chief of staff, according to MSNBC’s “source very close to Rham Emanuel.” So what about “partisan” Emanuel can Republicans glob on to immediately to paint Obama’s first appointment as evidence of the Democratic president-elect’s incompetence?

• He swears, saying “fuck” a lot. Read: He’s an angry, angry man! This is especially important because the GOP will be called racist if they try to make Obama out to be an angry black man.

• Emanuel is a ballet dancer. Read: He’s a fairy and won’t be able to stand up to terrorists!


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  • EdWoody

    What does “discret” mean, exactly?

  • Darth Paul

    He’s also a (Israeli) Jew, so per the GOP’s own irrationale, attacking him would be “anti-semitic”.

    So there.

  • L

    This is too easy. His name is funny, what more needs to be said? But really, his father was part of a terrorist organization that blew up a hotel, killing 91 people. But it’s OK: “secret Muslim” plus son of zionist terrorist strangely balances out.

  • Churchill-y

    Can Queerty come up with any story that is not a direct cut and paste from LA Times, Huffington Post or Daily Kos????

    Perez Hilton steals less news than Queerty.

    At least with all the new cut and paste jobs the spelling and grammar usage has rebounded.

  • Puddy Katz

    “Fairy”? From your lips to God’s ears.

  • JJJJ

    Hauslaib shows he has a problem with Jews- yet again.

  • gkruz

    Nobody commented on this on the other RE post, so I’m reprinting it here, just to pop a few more overinflated balloons:
    “Emmanuel is not a secular Jew, he’s Orthodox. He’s also such a Zionist that he served as a civilian volunteer with the Israeli, not the US, Army. He made millions as an investment banker (you know, one of those Wall Street bastards who tanked the economy), and voted for Bush’s war. A religionist, a militarist, an imperialist, and a capitalist.
    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”
    Four more years.

  • JJJJ

    Oh yeah, Hauslaib ? Then how did you like it when your New Black Panthers singled out Reade Seligmann and the entire Seligmann family for death threats down there in Durham solely because he’s half-Jewish ? Especially when you gay activists made their home addresses known to every psycho in Durham who those mean heterosexual lacrosse rapists were?

  • David Hauslaib, Queerty

    @JJJJ: This website is supposed to take credit for harassment of Seligmann? By the New Black Panthers? Supposedly enabled by “you gay activists”? What planet are you on?

  • James


    Still pushing that memo that gay folk ruined the lives of Duke lacrosse players?

  • Darth Paul

    JJJJ needs an enema and a lobotomy.

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