There’s a black cloud of homophobia hanging over Howard University.

The historically black college’s newspaper currently features an article in which “journo” Kailyn Hart explores the campus’ queer fears.

Due to mixed feelings and fast spreading rumors, students are paranoid about the notion of homosexual relations taking place at Howard University.

J.D. Brown, a 21-year-old student in the College of Arts and Sciences, said, “There are a great number of men on campus who are involved in the gay, bisexual or ‘downlow’ lifestyle. I feel as though walking up to any Howard man, there’s at least a 50/50 chance that he has or does engage in homosexual activity, but many of my gay friends feel that the percentage is much higher.”

The horror, the horror!

As Chris Crain points out, Hart then uses a psychology student to perpetuate flagrant right wing ideology. The college kid first explains that people become “aroused” by particular body parts – duh – and then offers this shocking revelation:

Most who claim to be gay are addicted to the feelings of belonging or interpersonal interaction they get when they indulge in same-sex relationships.

Whoa. “Addicted”? Does that mean straight people are also addiction to the people to whom they are attracted?

Luckily, this psychology student warns readers what to look for in an “interested” man:

Being smug, pretentious, inwardly insecure, well-groomed, overly superficial, personally awkward, [constantly referring to sexual metaphors] and non-committal, somewhat discreet, are all factors I use to tell if someone is bi-curious.

Also, there a lot of guys who simply try too hard to seem masculine. If I’m scanning Facebook, beyond those who simply don’t make an open declaration, I look at friend’s lists.

We always thought that as the legendary and allegedly venerable Howard University would have some matriculatory standards. We were wrong.

Hart’s heartless exposition doesn’t stop there. She goes on to cite the Family Research Institute’s Paul Cameron, a man who the American Psychiatrist Association booted for his radically unorthodox beliefs:

According to [psychoanalysis], homosexuality is a mental illness, symptomatic of arrested development. People believe that homosexual desires are a consequence of poor familial relations in childhood or some other trauma.

If we weren’t traumatized as children, we definitely have been now.

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