Iranian Gays Absent From Human Rights Report

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would approve.

The Iranian president became an international laughing stock last year after claiming Iran doesn’t have gays like the Western world. And, according to a Human Rights Watch report, he’s right!

Michael Petrelis passes on word that gays, queers and other so-called deviants make nary an appearance in HRW’s last four reports on the Middle Eastern nation. Of course, we all know Iran’s got some homos, because we sporadically hear accounts of public executions. The government deems these people sexual criminals, often claiming they abused a teenage boy or another despicable act.

Many activists see this as a not-so-subtle code for queer, but the hazy boundaries of these deaths may explain HRW’s hesitancy. As the non-profit’s Scott Long wrote in 2006:

For eight months, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has researched a report on abuses based on sexual orientation and gender identity in Iran, interviewing dozens in Iran and the diaspora, trying to separate fact from rhetoric and rumor. As a prominent Iranian dissident said last week, “We need cases!” — documentation, not speculation.

And, unfortunately, dead bodies don’t count as documentation. If only those dang Iranians kept better records of their monstrosities!

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  • kevin57

    Don’t the scores of Iranians who have fought toe and nail for asylum in various European countries at least give a hint? geez

  • Shaun Tom

    It’s obvious that Iran simply isn’t plagued by the homosexuals.

  • the colleen

    god isn’t he the least bit sexy.. im talking about king satan from iran that is

  • melb hunk

    i cant believe this guy has buried his head under desert sand …
    he needs to wake up and smell roses ( or in this instance he needs to smell something else ) !!!
    the issue of human rights -or the lack of it has dominated this country’s vialation of human rights record since 1979 when islamis foundmentalists took over the government… they constantlt marginalised the minority groups belonging to different faith group (eg: Bahai , jewish, buddist and etc) as well as gay people who were publicly hung or stonned to death!!!
    we as international community need to take a stance and lobby to push via humanitarian organisations to release pressure upon minority group in general .

  • melb hunk

    … i cant wastt more time on this idiot but just a note to remind the young people in Iran, unless you rise up and speak out nothing will change…
    you are the light of future generation. you need to overcome this government and chnage Islamic legislation by asking for refrendom on system of government…
    i cant belive they got “YES” to Islamic republic option back in 1980 i think it was…

  • melb hunk

    … from what i hear his days are out numbered!
    Long Live IRAN but down with Idiots who are running it now.

  • CyberDoc

    How would Ahmadinejad fare when questioned on his sexuality on a polygraph?

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