Is Barack The Anti-Christ?

Barack Obama supporters aren’t going to like what Gay Conservative Liberal has to say about their candidate:

…It seems, for the most part, that stupid Democrats don’t really care if Barack Hussein Obama went to school at a madrassa or if he is part of a radical, anti-white church that advocates the destruction of America. Homeboy is still leading the delegate count and attention-starved politicos like Bill Richardson are all but too happy to bask in the glow of the Obama movement.

The Antichrist’s most revealing characteristic is his way with words and his unique ability to galvanize people under a banner of peace, unity…change. People will turn against reason and hoist this figure to power in spite of reason. With words and little substance, Barack has dumbed the election down and reduced the Democratic party to a bunch of smiling, Kool-Aid drinking Change-ists.

So, what’s the most offensive part of this? No, not the anti-Christ reference. Nope, not the madrassa or homeboy cracks. It’s the Kool-Aid reference. When will America learn that black people drink things other than Kool-Aid? Like Hennessy.