Is Bigoted Troop Defender Sen. John Boehner Cheating On His Wife With a Lobbyist?

Mike Stark has made a career, or at least a few blog headlines, by confronting elected officials without appointments and asking them invasive questions. Like whether Sen. Lindsey Graham is a gay, or whether Rep. Patrick McHenry is too close of a friend to Dorothy. Now Stark is back with accusations that House Minority Leader John Boehner, a family values father of two, is cheating on his wife of 37 years with a lobbyist.

Last year Boehner was the guy opposed the Defense Department’s spending bill because the Matthew Shepard Act was attached to it. This year he opposed it because the compromised DADT repeal was attached to it. And now the stand up lawmaker is accused by Stark of sleeping with Lisbeth Lyons, a lobbyist for the trade group Printing Industries of America. In the above video, you’ll see Boehner doesn’t respond to the question (posed at the Republicans’ launch of their “Pledge to America”), but Stark insists he “began hearing this from several sources last month with increasing amounts of detail” the two were involved.

Next, might Stark get to the bottom of Boehner’s tanning scandal?

Mr. Boehner’s opponents, including the president, delight in painting him as a perpetually tan, country-club Republican out of touch with the American people. Mr. Boehner, in response, talks about his father’s work running the family tavern. To put himself through Xavier University in Cincinnati, he says he worked “every rotten job there was and damn glad to have them,” including janitor, roofer and heavy-equipment driver.

His mother “was always pregnant with cloth diapers hanging everywhere to dry,” says Jerry Vanden Eynden, a childhood friend who manages Candle-Lite, a local candlemaker.

Addressing a perennial source of jokes, Mr. Boehner says his dark complexion is natural, similar to that of his mother and four (of 12) siblings. “I have never been in a tanning bed or used a tanning product,” Mr. Boehner said. His staff showed a high school group photo where he has the darkest face in Moeller High’s all-male class.