You Be The Judge. (We think not.)

Is Sarah Silverman Homophobic?

Homophobia comes in all shapes and forms. It can be slashing a gay couple’s tires or a subtle intimation of pedophile tendencies. What it can’t be, however, is funny. One reader apparently ain’t laughing at the these Sarah Silverman quips. He writes:

If you are a hipster like Sarah Silverman, are you granted special permission to
be a bigot?

And say things like “I don’t mean fag like homosexual, I mean fag like retard”?
My friend who is the parent of a mildly learning disable child might take
offense at that one.

And what about saying “Gay. Bisexual. They are both gross.”

As in the queer case of Choire Sicha, we actually think Silverman’s funny. Are we being homophobic? Should GLAAD take on Sarah Silverman and her rascally ways? Listen: