Coupled Up?

Is This Openly Gay NFL Hopeful Michael Sam’s Boyfriend?

13922118519d2ed18c8a973We’ve only had a few days to drool over hunky, newly out NFL prospect Michael Sam, and he may already be taken.

MediaTakeOut is reporting that the cute, lean guy in these pics with Michael is his boyfriend.

They’re also making some pretty obvious jokes about Sam “sacking” the boyfriend, but you know that’s the first thing you thought as well.

Take this news with a grain of salt, because MTO isn’t exactly the most reliable source in the world. However, since Sam is actually out it’s certainly more plausible than the recent stories surrounding Aaron Rodgers. Because that dude is definitely not gay.

If it is true, we think the two guys look adorable and can totally see Michael Sam becoming the first out and proud gay NFL-er and this cute, so far nameless guy his First Dude rooting on the sidelines. Perhaps they could double date with 49-er Colin Kaepernick and his rumored boo.