It May Soon Cost $100 To Be Gay In Moscow And St. Petersburg

The Moscow legislature is considering passing a bill that would penalize anyone who publicly promotes “sodomy, homosexuality, bisexuality or transgender identity to minors.” St. Petersburg has already started the legislative process to pass a similar bill that would fine individuals 3,000 rubles ($97.50) and organizations 10,000 to 50,000 rubles ($325 to $1,625) for promoting LGBT causes.

Disturbingly the bill offers no definition to what “publicly promoting” entails, so it could conceivably include anything from handing out condoms to picketing, protesting or walking in a Pride march.

And while the bills haven’t been made into law just yet, you and your comrades may still wanna pack a bunch of singles just if you ever decide to go on gay holiday in the former USSR.

Image via Erik Charlton