It’s About Time More Magazines Came Out of the Closet

Kudos to Vanity Fair, which managed to do so without the bungled scheming of Howard Bragman. But not all magazines can just up and reveal themselves to be homosexual. Some need more drawn out explanations.

Like Out, wherein editor-in-chief Aaron Hicklin and some white guys speaking gay reveal what it’s like to work at a fag rag.

If it looks like a lot of sitting around in front of a computer, it is! At last, the magazine industry is catching up to the comforts of blogging.

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  • Jeff K.

    Funny, the guy on the left doesn’t look very Irish…

    (Yes, I know. It’s Côte d’Ivoire.) :P

  • fredo777

    Good thing Queerty didn’t hear that they were planning on coming out in advance so they could spoil it.



    Cristiano Ronaldo is FUCKIN’ smokin! LOL

  • Sean

    Christiano Ronaldo is sex on a stick. He may be a douche but no denying he’s unbelievably hot.

  • Amnesia

    Noah is such a nice guy in person.

  • Paschal

    @Sean: I don’t know whether or not Christiano Ronaldo is nice in person but I couldn’t stand being anywhere near someone who wasn’t nice no matter how good-looking he is.

  • jason

    Vanity Fair is actually very heterosexual male-oriented. There are copious amounts of ads and images featuring half-naked women. It’s like a metrosexuals’ Playboy.

    Therefore, I totally disagree with the notion that Vanity Fair is a fag rag. It discounts female heterosexual readers’ desire for men’s bodies, something that is very real.

    It’s just that our patriarchal society discourages heterosexual women from lusting after men’s bodies. Instead, it encourages women to lust after women’s bodies for the benefit of the sleazy straight guy fantasy. This is one reason why female bodies and female bisexuality is glamorized by the patriarchal powers that be.

  • Bryan

    Hmm, Didier Drogba(the one on the left), not too impressed with what he seems to be packing down there

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