It’s Baaack: Ugandan Parliament Puts “Kill The Gays” Bill Back On Legislative Slate

kill the gaysIt’s the measure that refuses to die: Just months after ending its session without voting on the notorious “Kill the Gays” bill, the parliament of Uganda has reconvened and put the odious legislation back on the calendar.

And according to reports, the death penalty is still attached.

Last fall, Head of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga put the Anti-Homosexuality Bill (AHB) on the top of the agenda, promising to pass it before the holidays as a “Christmas present” to the Ugandan people.

Aww, sweet.

When that failed to happen, we hoped the measure was dead—or at least in a coma. But everyone’s back from break and ready to legislate some homicide: According to Gay Star News, Wednesday’s Order Paper, the daily agenda of Parliament, listed the bill on its to-do list.

“The AHB is rearing its face again, since parliament opened from its recess on 4 February, the bill has been scheduled on the list of business to follow at number eight,” said Geoffrey Ogwaro of Uganda’s Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Rights.

‘We as the CSCHRCL are opposed to this bill and we are surprised that even as parliamentarians are continuously being cautioned as to the economic, health, social, political and international relations ramifications if the bill is passed into law, they still insist on going ahead with it.

‘Our only hope is that if the bill gets to the floor for debate, that the debate will be informed and considering of the different dimensions on the issue. And that those MPs who are more critical in their approach will find the courage to air their views.’

The current version of AHB divides the crime of homosexuality into two categories: “Aggravated homosexuality”—sex acts committed by parents, authority figures, child molesters, HIV-positive people and repeat offenders—would be a capital offense. The “offense of homosexuality”—defined as any same-sex sexual act being in a homosexual relationship—would get you life in prison.

Failing to report LGBT people to the authorities would also be a crime.

This bill has been hopping on and off the parliamentary docket since 2009. We want to believe it’s just being used by politicians to whip up support among bigoted voters, but we can hardly assume it won’t come to pass.

Meanwhile, this morning President Obama will tuck in at the National Prayer Breakfast, sponsored by the Fellowship Foundation, a Christian fundamentalist group with ties to the “Kill the Gays” bill.

Almost makes you lose your breakfast, doesn’t it?





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  • 2eo


    I sinecerely hope the conservative Americans responsible for funding this bill and the death squads operating in Uganda are proud of the suffering. They are christians though so I imagine they get off on pain and death.

  • Avenger

    While I don’t approve of the killing of homosexuals, I totally support Uganda going out of its way to not allow homosexuality to become mainstream or an acceptable lifestyle in its nation. Rather than killing homosexuals, though, I say just impose hefty fines and put legal sanctions of the record of anyone caught engaging in it. You won’t be killed or go to prison, but you for sure will be financially penalized and socially blacklisted for it.

  • 2eo

    @Avenger: Figured a predatory paedophile like yourself would love it. Deflects attention away from your groups actions.

  • Aidan8

    @Avenger: While I don’t approve of killing you, I totally support the entire world going out of its way to not allow you or your ideas to become mainstream or acceptable. Rather than killing you, though, I say just impose hefty fines and put legal sanctions of the record of anyone caught engaging in “thinking” like yours. You won’t be killed or go to prison, but you for sure will be financially penalized and socially blacklisted for BEING AN IDIOT. (poor grammar purposely followed from original post)

  • Seth

    What I don’t get about cultures like this is, why don’t they just let them emigrate? Many other countries would take them gladly. Why is it that they must be treated like property, or livestock, and slaughtered? Considering the stigma attached to being gay, you won’t see many using it as a ticket across the border; and who would leave such a paradise anyway? It just sends the message that they’d rather have the blood of the tormented on their hands than just keeping their culture “pure”.

    Let’s just get on with it and glass this country over, shall we? No regrets.

  • LadyL

    This is both horrendous and typical. Horrendous for reasons too obvious to list here, and typical because it’s a sure bet that the members of the Ugandan Parliament who are supporting this bill with the most fervor are doing so to protect their own closets. Sickening!
    Especially because of his participation in these “prayer breakfasts,” Obama MUST speak out about this. MUST.

  • Stache1

    Ok let them do it since their so hell bent on it. Then we cut them off like we did with South Africa. Just getting tired of this saber rattling BS.


    @2eo: Time to EXTERMINATE, Christian in concentration camps.

  • Kasnar

    @Avenger: In other words, you’d endorse the return of the closet — except this time with an iron deadbolt — in a 3rd world country? Am I being punked?

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