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Ivanka just got hit with a devastating blow & sinks further into the mire of her daddy’s fraud trial

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump doesn’t want to say whether she’s afraid to testify against her daddy in his fraud trial.

But it looks the former First Daughter may be forced to take the stand.

New York attorney general Letitia James is suing Donald Trump and the Trump Organization for $250 million, alleging an array of fraudulent business practices. Justice Arthur Engoron, who has been overseeing the trial, has already found Trump and his two dunderhead sons, Don Jr. and Eric, liable for fraud.

Now, he’s reviewing evidence and hearing testimony from witnesses to determine the exact scope of the crimes committed and what the appropriate punishment should be.

Initially, Ivanka was listed as a defendant alongside her dad and brothers, but was able to convince an appeals court last summer to let her off the hook.

That’s when James added her name to the witness list instead.

Last week, Ivanka filed papers with the New York Supreme Court arguing she didn’t have to testify, because her subpoenas had not been properly served.

But James doesn’t want to let Ms. Kushner Trump escape on an alleged technicality. She submitted her own filing in response, explaining why Ivanka should appear.

“Ms. Trump was served properly at the New York addresses and actual place of business of multiple entities that are under her control; she should be compelled to testify in this proceeding,” James. “But even beyond that, Ms. Trump remains financially and professionally intertwined with the Trump Organization and other Defendants and can be called as a person still under their control.”

Despite her best efforts, Ivanka continues to get dragged even further into the bowels of her dad’s case. Three weeks ago, one of the disgraced ex-president’s former accountants revealed that a Trump Park Avenue penthouse was valued at two and a half times higher in business records than the price Ivanka was quoted when she was considering buying the apartment.

While Ivanka’s penthouse was valued at $20.8 million on financial documents, it was offered to her for just $8.5 million.

Then a few days ago, another penthouse was added to the deceitful picture. 

James’ lawsuit also alleges that Ivanka was given the option to purchase an even bigger penthouse in the same building for $14.26 million in 2014. 

But in a 2014 financial statement, the same apartment was valued at $45 million.

That’s quite the discrepancy!

Even more damningly, Trump’s former fixer, Michael Cohen, testified this week that Ivanka assisted with her dad’s falsified financial statements by providing information about projects she was involved with.

That’s a lot to take in! Good thing Ivanka got some time to herself last night…celebrating her wedding anniversary.

That’s right: the Miami resident donned her favorite red mini-dress and ate the upscale Italian eatery Casadonna for an anniversary meal without her husband. With Jared Kushner speaking at a conference in Saudi Arabia, daddy’s favorite daughter took pics with the restaurant’s owner, David Grutman, and his model wife, Isabela Rangel.

She also took a bathroom selfie.

While Jared wasn’t with Ivanka IRL, her husband of 14 years does appear on his wife’s grid. “Celebrating 14 years (!!!) of love, laughter, wild rides and endless adventures with my rock, Jared!,” she wrote.

“I am so thankful for this beautiful life and family we’ve built together.”

Ivanka’s solo anniversary dinner was her second big night in recent days. Earlier this week, she was spotted at Kim Kardashian’s birthday party in Beverly Hills.

As W Magazine notes, it was quite the return to the A-list for Ivanka. There hasn’t been a photo of her at NY/Hollywood fashion parties since May 2016!

But maybe she’s inching her way back, though her dad’s White House bid may complicate her social comeback. The next time she’s photographed in New York, it could be on the witness stand in a bleak courtroom.

That’s not exactly the Met Gala, but at least it’s close to the right zip code!

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