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James Franco Suspects Keegan Allen Stuffed His Speedo For “King Cobra”


James Franco stopped by The Today Show on Friday, apparently just to accuse co-star Keegan Allen of packing several tube socks into his Speedo for some of his more revealing King Cobra scenes.

Obviously, since Franco and Allen co-star as two unhinged gay adult film producers, both roles call for very little in the way of clothing.

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“I’m going to bust him a little bit,” Franco said.  “Keegan stuffed his speedo.”

If he’s to be believed, Franco made the discovery as he was searching for a sock to put over his penis right before a sex scene:

I asked for my sock and they’re like, ‘No, Keegan took all of them, not just one’.

“Look at the movie, he’s got the biggest bulge and I know for a fact he stuffed it.”

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Franco unsurprisingly emphasizes that he was more than happy to film the sex scenes:

Shop, gym, tan – that’s all our characters do, a lot of our scenes were lifting weights, tanning and we’re in these like skimpy speedos. I had no problem with it. I had no problem with the love scenes, either.”

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