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Josh Hawley’s creepy obsession with women’s locker rooms & trans athletes reaches bizarre new level

Josh Hawley

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) president Charlie Baker went in front of Congress Wednesday to talk about the viability of college athletes becoming paid employees of their schools.

So naturally, Senator Josh Hawley had to ask about transgender athletes… and Israel? Huh?

Hawley, who wrote a book this year allllll about his manhood, started his line of questioning by asking Baker about anti-Israel sentiments from some student organizations.

Baker, a two-term Massachusetts governor and seemingly one of the few sane Republicans left in the country, was careful to not fall into the trap.

The quick-footed senator probably wanted to goad Baker into some sort of spirited exchange he could share on social media. Instead, Baker answered the question matter of factly, leaving no room for Hawley to slide in.

The hearing was actually about how Congress should regulate name-image-likeness concerns. That’s a very important topic, considering the worries about college athletics becoming “pay-for-play” schemes (even more than they already are).

The problem is, NIL concerns are also a dry topic, meaning Hawley likely wasn’t going to gain any viral traction asking boring questions about the financial solvency of Division II and Division III schools. He wanted to barrel towards the issue of the day.

After Baker shut down Israel, the gay-hating lawmaker went to an old favorite: trans athletes.

In a particularly interminable soliloquy, the bloviator from Missouri quoted Riley Gaines, a former NCAA swimmer who’s since become an anti-trans activist.

“The NCAA was dead wrong to force female athletes like @Riley_Gaines_ to share a locker room with biological men. The NCAA should apologize to female athletes – and stop forcing women to stand by while men take over their sports,” he posted on X.

The NCAA, of course, has no policy that “forces” women to share locker rooms with anybody. But that didn’t stop Hawley.

Girl’s gotta get on Fox News somehow!

But once again, Baker didn’t take the bait.

“The policies with respect to the safety and security of student-athletes participating in our championships are pretty explicit about making it clear that student-athletes should not be forced into uncomfortable situations,” he said.

Rejected again!

Hawley, still searching for his shining moment, then tried to press Baker in his verrrry masculine baritone. “Does that include female athletes having to share locker rooms with biological males being warned or consent. Are they asked for their consent?”

Baker, who wasn’t NCAA president while Gaines was competing, still didn’t give an inch.

“I don’t believe that would be the policy we would use today,” he said.

With that, there was simply nowhere else for Hawley to go.

There’s a reason why Baker was the most popular governor in the country, despite his Republican status in a deep-blue state. He rarely involved himself in national culture wars, instead focusing on local issues that actually impacted his constituents. Imagine that!

Oh, and he’s also very tall. We want tall leaders, which is why Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis wears heels!

Hawley, a fellow attention-stunt queen, also likes to project masculine leadership. That’s why he fled in a panic when the MAGA mob stormed the Capitol on January 6, even though he helped incite the insurrection.

The poor guy wants to project toughness so badly! Instead, he just keeps getting owned.

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