Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis (Photo: Shutterstock)

Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis’ boots are made so he can look taller!

For months, the gay-hating Florida governor has been dogged with accusations about his footwear. He frequently wears shiny, black cowboy boots to public events, making him appear several inches taller.

But what are those boots, boots? Some intrepid TikTokers examined the shoes DeSantis was wearing last week during his interview with the insufferable Bill Maher.

As it turns out, they can be found on Amazon for the reasonable price of $32.99!

Or at least, hungry consumers can find something close to them.

The first video that went viral makes a simple statement: “Tell me he’s not wearing hidden heels,” the text reads.

The clip includes an image with a yellow outline over the short presidential candidate’s foot, seemingly showing how the wedge aids his allusion of masculine grandeur.

#HiddenHeel indeed! Who’s ready for #parisfashionweek?

DeSantis is a “f*cking queen,” baby!

At the end, the video cuts to an image of a pair of black ClassicSter Womens Hidden Wedge Booties Faux Suede High Heel Ankle Boots.

Another TikTok questions how DeSantis was the same height as Nikki Haley at last week’s debate, even though they’re both listed as 5′ 9″, and the ex-South Carolina governor was definitely wearing heels herself.

We may no longer have any moral standards when it comes to electing presidents, but we still care about height. Every president since Jimmy Carter has been 5’11” or taller.

Donald Trump stands at 6’3″, and Joe Biden is six feet tall.

With that in mind, DeSantis has been sporting black cowboy boots for years. His wife, Casey, who was a TV news anchor before becoming “America’s Karen,” insisted he wear them after he was elected to Congress in 2012.

“She bought him these dumba** cowboy boots because she thought it was part of the image,” an angry staffer told Vanity Fair.

During his futile campaign, DeSantis has cultivated the image of a brave culture warrior, fighting against pronouns and books. He needs to project leadership, an attribute often associated with tall people.

Those big boy boots are helping “Meatball Ron” achieve his dream! (Or not, because his poll numbers stink, but regardless!)


DeSantis isn’t the first undersized Florida Republican to don heels during campaign season. Marco Rubio, whose failed 2016 run resembles the governor’s current efforts, was spotted wearing shiny black boots on a visit to New Hampshire.

But in Rubio’s defense, at least that’s some fashionable footwear. DeSantis can improve upon his beat up-looking pair.

While DeSantis’ boots increase his height, they aren’t helping his poll numbers. He remains down 20 points in Iowa, and has lost one percentage point since the first Republican debate in August.

DeSantis has participated in two primetime events, and failed to gain any ground.

This week, a New Hampshire poll shows Nikki Haley is now leading him in the Granite State. (Back in January, DeSantis actually led Trump in New Hampshire, if you can believe that.)

Despite those sagging numbers, DeSantis is still running for president, and bilking his supporters for more money.

With the Iowa Caucus roughly three months away, DeSantis might not have much time left. He’s counting on the Hawkeye State, even moving his staff over there.

In the meantime, he’ll keep strutting his underwhelming stuff in front of dwindling crowds. Maybe some seasoned drag queens can give DeSantis pointers on how to walk the stage with purpose.

Oh, the delicious irony…

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