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Kari Lake’s Senate campaign is already off to a disastrous start

Kari Lake sitting in front of a green screen with a Phoenix backdrop, wearing a purple v-neck sweater.

Kari Lake launched her Senate campaign on the heels of an embarrassing meltdown outside an airport men’s room.

And it’s only gone downhill from there!

One of our favorite anti-drag queens is already trailing Democrat Ruben Gallego by four points, according to a poll taken by the National Republican Senate Committee. That’s pretty amazing, considering the seat was reliably red until 2018, when Donald Trump started endorsing candidates in the Grand Canyon State.

Lake’s pugilistic style alienated her from non-MAGA Arizonians during her failed gubernatorial run, in which she lost to Katie Hobbs by over 17,000 votes and then blamed her defeat on voter fraud.

So far, Lake is picking up where she left off. Multiple polls show her trailing Gallego, the top Democratic contender.

The Arizona Republic recently published a blistering op-ed shredding Lake’s campaign, pointing out her immense weaknesses in a general election. The former TV anchor may boast about attracting Independents and “disaffected Democrats,” but the fact is, 51% of Independents dislike her.

Overall, 51% of Arizonians, including 29% of Republicans, hold an unfavorable view of the very flawed and anti-gay candidate.

In recent weeks, Lake has taken to falsely claiming that Gallego is antisemitic and voted to support Hamas. Meanwhile, her own ties to antisemites are coming to the forefront.

Earlier this year, she endorsed the Oklahoma state senate campaign of Jarrin Jackson, who says he “largely” agrees with the conspiracy theory that Jews are “taking over the world.” Lake is also pals with disgraced former CIA officer Michael Scheuer, who professes Jewish people are “increasingly anti-American.”

Media Matters delves into more of Lake’s anti-Jewish associates, including a pro-Nazi blogger and fitness influencer who shares material denying the Holocaust.

Gallego is also highlighting Lake’s fealty to Trump, who recently called the terrorist group Hezbollah “very smart.”

Contrastingly, Gallego met last week with Or Gat, an Israeli whose mother was killed by Hamas during its attack October 7.

Further complicating matters for Lake is the possible structure of the race itself. Independent Kyrsten Sinema polls fairly well with moderate Republicans, and takes away more support from Lake than Gallego, according to the NSRC poll.

Sinema, who left the Democratic Party last year, is unpopular with Arizona Dems.

The out bisexual senator hasn’t announced whether she’s running for reelection.

Regardless, the national Republican Party doesn’t seem to love Lake’s chances. Mainstream conservatives aren’t showering her with endorsements or donations.

A tired stunt queen, Lake’s antics aren’t landing. Last month, she verbally accosted Gallego outside an airport men’s room, and looked foolish.

As a former U.S. Marine and veteran congressman, Gallego is the clear front-runner in the Democratic primary. Lake is also the favorite on the Republican side.

Can you say “mismatch?” Lake could lose by far more than 17,000 votes this time around…

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