Drag Queen Questions Induce Pain, Thought

Kelly Loves/Hates “The Gays”

Kelly Rowland‘s attempting to make another comeback with July’s Ms. Kelly. Homo-journo Clay Cane snagged a sitdown with the former Destiny’s Child crooner.

No surprise Cane – who’s previously grilled ex-gay publisher Charlene Cothran – takes their conversation in a decidedly queer direction. The entire operation, however, nearly gets bogged down by semantics when Cane asks about Rowland’s reaching out to the gays:

I hate the way that sounds, “the gays.” People are people! But, you know what, Destiny’s Child, we have a big gay fan base and they have been very supportive. I have friends that are gay and they’re like, “Ma, you need to go to the clubs and come visit the kids.” So, I’m just like, okay, I thought it would possibly be me going there once and just see what would happen–but I had a good time! Here in New York I always go to this one place called Splash and I have the best time!

Cane goes on to describe Splash – a veritable petrie dish of horrible faggotry – as “cool”. Poor thing needs to get out more.

The “gay” question’s only the tip of the iceberg, of course. In addition to inquiring about Rowland’s potentially sapphic crushes (she replies with that old stock answer, Angelina), Cane takes things to the next level, thus introducing us – and, it seems, Rowland – to a new brand of journalism:

CC: If a Kelly Rowland drag queen had to battle a Beyoncé drag queen–what pointers would you give the Kelly Rowland drag queen?

KR: [Laughs] I don’t know! I’m always smiling. I’d say smile a lot, I don’t know…that is a really good question–you’re asking me too many good questions!

It must really strain that pretty little head of yours, huh, Kelly?