rumor has it

Kellyanne Conway at the center of toilet paper hoarding conspiracy theory after going on Fox News

Kellyanne Conway went on Fox News last night to spew some more of her “alternative facts” and now everyone is convinced she’s the one who was hoarding all the toilet paper last year.

Speaking to Sean Hannity, Conway, inventor of the Bowling Green Massacre, lied and she said that, under President Trump, there was never a supply chain crisis like the one we’re currently seeing under President Biden.

“I worked in that White House for four years,” she said. “We never even heard of a such of a thing. There was no supply chain crisis.”

This, of course, is completely false.

As anyone who uses toilet paper remembers, there were several weeks in the spring of 2020 where you couldn’t find a single roll of Quilted Northern on a store shelf anywhere.

Not to mention hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, masks, cleaning supplies, groceries, and, oh yeah, PPE for health care workers on the front lines of the pandemic. Oh, and COVID tests and vaccines. Those were in pretty short supply for a long time, too. Also, ventilators.

As usual, Kellyanne Conway is full of shit.

Now, the responses…

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