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Killing Toni, The Movie Where A Straight Guy Kills His Ex-Girlfriend For Being Gay

Thought Ticked Off Trannies With Knives was offensive to you queers? Then you haven’t yet heard of Killing Toni, the made-for-$400 indie flick about a straight guy who gets some friends together to kill his ex-girlfriend after finding out she’s a lesbian.

But it’s a dark comedy, so laugh, don’t jeer!

(It opens tonight at the Nickelodeon theater in Portland, Maine.)

“The movie has nothing to do with hating gays,” Jim “Uke” Doiron, who directs and stars in Toni, tells the Portland Press Herald. “The main character is so hurt by (the breakup). Everyone has said, ‘I wanna kill my ex.’ Unfortunately, his cousin is a nutjob and decides to start planning to actually do it, and when Jack finds out (she’s gay), he gets really upset.”

And should you take offense at the plotline — literally, the tagline is, “A guy gathers his friends together to murder his ex-girlfriend once he finds out she’s a lesbian” — just go with Vince Vaughn’s line of homophobic thinking: “As filmmakers, we (Mainiac Films) like to push the envelope, says Doiron. “We like controversy. Controversy equals popularity. Killing Toni is meant to be an actual stupid comedy. This wouldn’t happen in real life; there is really no realism to this.”

You mean straight guys don’t actually get violent against their ex-girlfriends when after learning they’re gay? Really? NEVER HAPPENS?

Alas , like Ticked Off Trannies, might the most offensive thing about Toni not be the plotline, but the acting.


(Pictured: Matt Cole, Kevin “Skip” Brunelle, Greg Roussin, Uke Doiron, Mike, Rory Coveney, Jaime Ramsdell, Eileen Cronin; via)

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