Kim Kardashian Knows How To Use Her Gays

Professional slag Kim Kardashian opened up to HX‘s Brandon Voss this weekend and told him exactly why she loves the gays: we’re so handy!

My hair and makeup guys are the best… Everyone in life needs a gay friend because your boyfriend’s never threatened by him, you can hang out with him all the time, and you can change clothes in front of him. All my guy friends are gay. Gay men give me the best fashion advice, and nothing is better in life than shopping with your gay friends.

And we gays think there’s nothing better than propping up a broken girlfriend’s self-esteem and ensuring sartorial survival. Nothing.

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  • Alacer

    wow…I’m so glad we’re useful…

  • Brandon Voss

    i heart her. i would love her to undress in front of me. embrace the kim.

  • CitizenGeek

    I kind of love that reputation that gays have with women. Lots of women seek out gay best friends; it’s cool :)

  • JM

    She clearly hangs out with them a lot…she’s becoming a drag queen…You don’t need to gild the lily to look pretty.

  • KB

    I’m sorry, but you don’t get any “credit” for thinking gay people are OK (or cool or wonderful, or whatever).

    Why are people (and in particular, gay people) interested in anything she does or says? She really is nothing notable except for having a huge bootay, banging a lot of famous guys, and distributing her own sex tape and pretending that it wasn’t authorized. Yawn.

  • sugarsmack

    It’s cool if some gay guys enjoy being a consort to some tacky rich girl.

  • todd

    I have no real interest in dressing my female friends and playing dress up with them. And the boyfriend is never threatened? What if the gay boy is just using Kim to get close to her man?

  • Shabaka

    Sure thing,Kim…Now where’s Reggie Bush?

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