LA Sex Clubs Get All Clinical And Stuff


Gone are the days when two horny strangers enter a bathhouse, towels barely covering their cracks as they gratuitously flirt with one another, and quickly (and heatedly) hop into a private room (or not so private room) for some nasty hanky panky. Actually those days will never truly be gone. But the city of LA wants to change the way things (and in that matter men) are done in its bathhouses.

New sex club rules:

Large signs must be posted at entrances prohibiting unprotected sex on the premises.

Owners are prohibited from admitting anyone clearly under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

County health officials will begin issuing permits in mid-February.

Bathhouses and sex clubs will be required to set up HIV testing and counseling for at least 20 hours a week by March 1.

A sex club that violates the new rules can be closed in a similar way an errant restaurant or tattoo parlor can.

Counselors at bathhuoses? Just what you need; someone to act like a parent, making us feel guilty for giving that closeted twink you just met a rim job in the locker room.

Then again, you don’t have anything to worry about since you’re practicing safe sex, right? Right.

Supervisors Finalize Stricter Regulation of Gay Bathhouses
[LA Times]

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