Born this way

WATCH: Lady Gaga surprises gay superfan and it’s beautiful

Lady Gaga and fan, Brandon (Photo: YouTube)

Lady Gaga has recently launched a makeup and beauty brand, Haus Laboratories.

To celebrate, she invited one teen superfan to meet with her regular makeup artist, Sarah Tanno, to enjoy a makeover with some of the new products.

What the young fan didn’t know was that Gaga was secretly hiding off-set.

Brandon, a 19-year-old cosmetology student, brought a letter with him for Gaga.

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In it, he says that Gaga’s music has helped him accept who he is – particularly her hit single, “Born This Way.”

“Dear Lady Gaga, you have unknowingly had a huge influence on my life. I don’t know exactly what age I knew I was gay but I always felt different and I felt I had no-one to turn to for advice. I couldn’t talk about my sexuality at school for fear of being bullied or violence but your lyrics in ‘Born This Way’ spoke to me.”

When Brandon begins to read the letter to Tanno, Gaga emerges from the shadows to surprise him. He proceeds to tell the star what she means to him.

He says her song gave him the courage to come out to his family. He says his mom and sister accepted him, but it drove a wedge between him and his father.

There’s plenty of hugging and tears before Gaga departs and the makeup lesson continues. However, an emotional Gaga then returns to again thank Brandon.

“I just wanted to tell you that letter that you wrote, this is why I do what I do. Thank you for sharing that. It’s so vulnerable, so honest and so real. That’s not easy, what you just said, so thank you. You just changed a lot of people’s lives. When they see this, they’ll be less afraid.”

Cue more hugs and tears.

Later, Brandon says seeing Gaga had left him feeling “overcome” with happiness: “It was a dream come true.”

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