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Lady who went on antigay tirade over Tim Allen show gets fired from her job, goes into hiding

It looks like Debbie Odom Massey is learning the hard way why it’s not a great idea to go on hateful, anti-LGBTQ rants on social media… especially when you’re on the board of directors for your community’s Chamber of Commerce.

Just to recap: Debbie caused quite a scene on Facebook over the weekend when she shared a Breitbart article to her page then went on a homophobic rant over ABC’s decision to cancel her favorite Tim Allen sitcom “Last Man Standing,” accusing the network of “cramming same-sex making out into our homes” and trying to “indoctrinate people” whilst promoting “LGBT blah blah blah”:

As it turns out, Debbie isn’t just a lonely soul in suburban Tennessee with too much time on her hands. She’s also the executive director of the board of directors for the Madison Rivergate Chamber of Commerce. Or at least she was until yesterday evening.

Last night, the board held an emergency meeting in response to the unwanted attention their executive director, who is paid by the chamber, had drawn to herself and their organization, which represents over 200 member businesses. With little fanfare, they voted to request her immediate resignation.

The chamber also voted to take additional steps to reach out to LGBTQ businesses and encourage diversity in the community, as well as to join Tennessee Thrives, a statewide anti-discrimination initiative. Chamber members will also begin diversity training, and a new policy regarding social media posts will be implemented.

In a statement, openly gay chamber member David McMurry said that despite Debbie’s antigay Facebook tirade, it has still been a “unique pleasure working closely with” her. He added that he looks forward to “helping our Madison remain a welcoming community, rich with a diverse mixture of residents and businesses.”

As for Debbie, she hasn’t spoken to media or issued any comment, though she has had the good sense to set her Facebook profile to private.

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h/t: The Tennessean

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  • mattachinepodcast

    She should have been fired for her atrocious grammar and spelling…

  • ChrisK

    What a dumbass too boot. Makes you wonder how someone so stupid gets to be an executive director in the first place. It’s basically a PR job.

    • Sluggo2007

      Haven’t you ever noticed that upper management is never as intelligent as the employees that work for them? They get where they are by kissing ass.

  • Xzamilloh

    Eh… she’ll go on Fox News, crying about how oppressed she is, and then get a column on Breitbart for a few months before being forgot about lol

    • RoughRugger

      Even Faux & Breitbart require writers to use proper spelling, grammar, & punctuation…

    • archienotbunker

      She’s a 45 supporter. Functional illiteracy comes is virtually a prerequisite.

  • workin35man

    Actually Mark7thh..I know a lot of gay couples who have children. There are enough studies out there to show that children of gay couples do very well in education and career success. Probably because they aren’t brought into this world out of lust…but a couple who has to work to have them…so they get a LOT of attention and encouragement through the growing up years. Many of us can stand opinions different than our own. I know I have for years… listening to my conservative family members bash every group who wasn’t white or straight. I have had discussions with them…it has changed many opinions when their own family member came out….and another brother married a black woman. The one thing I do find interesting…is how much fear and anger there is in the conservative community. My question for you is… who is talking here…you…or the self-righteous anger in you?

  • ChrisK

    That’s the beauty of free speech. She had the freedom to express herself and we had the freedom to call her out on it. Apparently you only like it when it’s a one way street though.

    It wasn’t us that shut her down though idiot. Go bitch to the chamber of Commerce y poor delicate thing.

  • DCguy

    Awwww, how adorable, Mo Bro created a new screename to spout the same anti-lgbt bigotry.

    Don’t you love it when bigots try to hide their hateful attacks on others rights by claiming it’s “A difference of opinion”.

    Yes, your opinion is that lgbts shouldn’t have the right to exist, marry, live their lives, not be second class citizens. And lgbt people want to live their lives.

    But nice try bigot. Oh, and by the way. You can get as mad as you want, but guess what, this woman was in a town in Tennesee, and SHE STILL GOT FIRED FOR HER BIGOTRY. Trump may be in office, but you bigots and racists are still losing. So sleep well tonight.

  • boops123

    What you are saying is exactly what you and Debbie are crying/whining about. Only your opinion matters, even though it’s totally wrong, who’s intolerant?
    Your delusional god and his followers are the ones that abuse, brainwash and indoctrinate children, not “queers and lezbos” as you so eloquently stated. Practically all sexual abuse of children are from heterosexuals and clergy. You and Debby are the ones showing your homophobic hatred for a group of people you do not even know, real intellect there.

  • RoughRugger

    DCGuy, in fairness, Madison isn’t really “a town in Tennessee”…it’s a neighborhood in Metro Nashville…and we’re pretty blue here. Our (amazing!) mayor is one of the ones who spoke out against Ms. Massey’s hateful tirade and that area’s city council rep is an out lesbian.

    As for you Mark, go play in traffic or something. Opinions are one thing (everyone has one & most of ’em stink) but Ms. Massey was fired because her employer felt that hers did not fairly represent them. IOW, the free market spoke and rejected her nonsense. The left welcomes “opinions that aren’t ours” up until the point where that “opinion” is that we don’t have the same right to exist as everyone else.

  • Curtispsf

    I support free speech and I absolutely support the right (and ability) of people like Mark7thh to make a total arsehole of themselves by spouting intolerance and bigotry. Way to go, troll. Makes me wonder just exactly WHAT in the world you are doing reading a QUEER zine? Closets are for clothes-minded people and, as anyone who has ever seen a horror flick knows, they don’t make great hiding places.
    You on the down/low…don’t you know? It’s all gonna show.

    • greybat

      He gets paid $1.40 everytime someone Replies directly to his Posts. Which is why i never Reply directly to Trolls.
      It’s to vamp up Advertising Revenue, apparently.

  • Mr-DJ

    She says, “Maybe we should scream, riot, wine….”.
    Methinks she was pretty heavy on that “wine” part….

  • heavystorm

    Huh!!! So why are you on a gay site…. one has to wonder about your closet but then again it wouldn’t be the first time a GOP went trolling after “proclaiming ” his heterosexuality. This chick is from Tennessee so I’m not surprised by the comment . But I would ask her if her freedom of speech is really free why did it just cost her her job?…, That seems to be a bit pricey to voice a opinion don’t you think?

  • Mick406

    I agree with what you said until you got to the last part where you blasted the homo population. With that aside, you are right about the intolerant liberals who keep getting their feelings hurt when someone else has a different opinion. I LOVE that program and hate to see it go. I don’t live very far from where this lady lives. You should know what is behind “encourage diversity in the community, as well as to join Tennessee Thrives”. If I am correct, this started when folks in Murfreesboro, TN protested all the freebies given to the hoard of Muslims who have invaded that town. They made a lot of demands and the locals got pretty riled up about it. It was on the national news. So, they pass this thinly disguised Tennessee Thrives thing as they caved in and gave up their rights in little Murfreesboro. Now, THAT is a true liberal push if I ever saw one. Destruction of a town’s culture through ‘diversity’!

  • DCguy

    Troll Alert (Mick406)

    Deranged word vomit above.

  • Juanjo

    Gee Mark, aren’t you just the sweetest little troll? Let’s chat about tolerance and free speech. Free speech of course means your get to say what you wish. If means in the USA that the government cannot prevent you from speaking or punish you for something you said [except in limited exceptions not applicable here]. However it does not mean that you can say whatever you wish and not experience any repercussions as a result of what you said other private citizens or businesses. Private entities can criticize or praise your speech. Reward you for what you said or punish you. So this woman discovered that free speech has repercussions in the form of pissing off her employer.

    Now as for tolerance – tolerance means I let you speak and do not kill you or physically attack you for speaking. It does not mean I do not criticize what you said or even call on your employer to fire you or in the case of a business owner, to call for a boycott of your business. Depending on what you say, these are all acceptable actions. It always amuses me when mentally underachieving individuals start whining about how others are not tolerant because they criticized something the whiner said or did. So Marky boy, you and others on the fringe of the right [or the left] who whine about free speech and/or tolerance, need to understand those words do not mean what you think they mean.

    Now grow a pair and leave the adults alone until you do.

  • dm10003

    Not only is Tim not anti gay but has talked about prison bj’s in earlier standup routines.

  • Captain Obvious

    I was pretty saddened to find out Tim Allen was a nut job. I pretty much grew up watching him on tv.

    His disgusting opinions on anyone who isn’t a white, straight, male are pretty much par for the course. Generic white privilege. Nothing new or interesting. Last Man Standing was pretty horrifying the one episode I bothered to try and watch.

    • Sluggo2007

      Tim Allen has always include references to gay blow jobs in his stand-up routines. I’m sure he speaks from experience.

    • radiooutmike

      Well he was in prison for cocaine.

    • socaldesign

      and in those routines he talks about it more as a bro job. Like, who’s better to give you a bj than someone who knows how it feels. The routines I watched never seemed homophobic.

  • scottjamesmiller

    Title begins with “Lady”. Really?

  • Liam

    Unfortunately, she’ll get hired by some Right Wing Xtian nutters who’ll use her to talk lies about Gays.

  • John

    While her tirade was over the top and not expressed calmly and intelligently she should not be bullied, hated or criticized for having an opposing opinion. I have noticed that the left shutting down the rights of free speech based on opposing viewpoints seems to be status quo. While I may not agree with those opinions those who have them have the same rights to express them as I have to express mine. Not knowing someone elses education, experiences or ideas or background they have different viewpoints and if we expect them to listen to our viewpoints then we have to open our minds to their views also. (I enjoyed “Last Man Standing” the few episodes I saw.)

    • archienotbunker

      I don’t have to tolerate intolerance and bigotry.

    • Raymond

      She brought this upon herself. The LGBTQI+ community had nothing to do with the canceling of her favorite show. The lives of the LGBTQI+ community had nothing to do with the show. So, her ranting had only to do with here hatred of the LGBTQI+ community.

      So blaming the LGBTQI+ community for her being fired is a fiction of her imagination and yours.

    • oz1967

      what about the decades of TV comedy where LGBT were never represented or talked about? even Home Improvement which is what Allen has re-wrapped as last man standing was on for 8 gay free years and a show I liked the real o’neals was canned too, so she has no room to bitch it was the gay mafia at work. As far as free speech? yeah sure be pissed that your show was canned but dont blame others for lack of viewers and in the in end a corporate decision.

    • DCguy

      Remember, you can always spot the Anti-lgbt bigoted troll because they try to hide bigotry and racism by calling them “A different opinion”

      Yes, there opinion is people like us shouldn’t be allowed to exist, and our opinion is that we should.

      Rapists have a “Difference of Opinion” than their victims. Does that mean that their victims are “Bullies” for not agreeing to be raped?

      She is a hateful bully, and is a representative for an organization reprepresenting hundreds of businesses. She messed with their business and got fired. The same people that say this woman shouldn’t be fired, defend anti-lgbt businesses for firing lgbt people.

      Nice try.

  • peetreeetr

    So much for free speech, you bunch of bigots.

    • Raymond

      Your comment is almost as infantile as your username.

    • DCguy

      She has free speech. She stated her opinion. The group she works for then stated their opinion, which was “You’re fired you bigot”.

      What you anti-lgbt trolls want is a world where bigots get to attack us and claims it’s free speech, and nobody has the free speech right to disagree with them.

      Nice try bigot.

  • archienotbunker

    This cow.

    Piggybacking on RoughRugger’s comments above, Metro Nashville is pretty darn blue. Madison, in particular, is extremely diverse – most of Debbie’s ilk fled to Sumner County (the reddest county in Tennessee, which is right next to Madison) once the brown people started showing up, so I was surprised to hear that someone of her…views lived in Madison. But? She actually DOESN’T. So no surprise there.

    People have been braying about free speech, differences in opinions, etc. That’s all well and good, but 1) free speech has consequences – don’t expect to spout of bigotry without being called out/fired/whatever; and 2) when your speech insults a group of people to the point of demeaning their dignity and very existence, you have gone beyond a “difference of opinion”, and it doesn’t have to be tolerated. Liking different furniture styles is a difference of opinion; ranting and raving about an entire demographic is entirely another. I don’t WANT to hear their “opinions”, because they aren’t even worth debate or discussion and need to be shut down. This isn’t about furniture, it’s about OUR LIVES. I will not tolerate intolerance and reprehensible (and unprofessional in a business setting) behavior from these basic bigots.

    She got what she deserves, although she’ll get a bigot boost – a mega-church lecture circuit or some such nonsense.

  • Raymond

    She brought this upon herself. The LGBTQI+ community had nothing to do with the canceling of her favorite show. The lives of the LGBTQI+ community had nothing to do with the show. So, her ranting had only to do with here hatred of the LGBTQI+ community.

    So blaming the LGBTQI+ community for her ranting is a fiction of her imagination and yours.

  • gayjim1969

    Conservatives love to bandy around the term “snowflakes” for liberals or (really) anyone who they feel lets emotions rule their logic; although, I have found that they overuse it so often that it has come to mean anyone who disagrees with them.

    This woman personifies the kind of knee-jerk reactions that I have found if rife on the internet lately; instead of bothering to do research, people either assume too much or they fall back on their favorite news source–ones that feed into their preconceived ideas.

    Networks don’t cancel shows unless they are hemorrhaging viewers. The demographics were off this season:

    The all-important demographic, 18-49 year-olds was down 5.11% from last year, and 4.99% overall.
    (From 6.74 million down last season, to 6.059 million viewers this season.) While that’s third place on Friday night, it’s not stellar. As even conservatives have said on the site–“no one has been calling for the show’s cancellation, so what’s going on?” They probably have another show in the works that they want to put in its place.

  • alanballs

    Heterosexuals have made a mess of the world. (first time) Divorce rates, at 50%+. 2.5 MILLION homeless children in the USA, thrown away like garbage by hateful, irresponsible, stupid heterosexuals. Violence of all types, child abuse, spousal abuse, murders, thefts…. committed mostly by heterosexuals. Obesity, diseases of all types, ugliness and bad taste (:)) spread mostly by heterosexuals. Uneducated R3d N3cks, predominately heterosexuals. Heterosexuals may be able to ‘procreate’ but they’ve certainly made a mess of the world.

  • Herman75

    She claims being indoctrinated into the gay life. How about how we are indoctrinated every day into the thinking that we are controversial, that we’re something like zoo animals to be kept on the sidelines, away from children and so on? Those messages continue everyday, even on Huffy Post and on here, and at least a grain of it sticks inside each of us.

  • argleflarglebargle

    Yeah sure, it’s cancelled cos he’s conservative… I mean, it couldn’t be because his show lost half it’s viewers (from 13 million to 6 million) and was getting more of a toxic commodity after Tim Allen’s infamous comparison of being a conservative to being a jew in Nazi Germany, no it was because of politics and not business… idiot. No wonder she was fired.

  • juanguruiz

    In 2017 ANY type of hate should not be allowed. LGBTT or any other group.

  • man5996853

    Thank you, Mark. I hope that you are spreading your hate across the internet on sites where people can see just how ridiculous intolerance can be. You are the new face of homophobia and your ill-informed ramblings always help to sway people to our side because most people are able to look inward after seeing, hearing and reading hateful messages and then decide that they want nothing to do with the people who spread them. You try to marginalize us but, in the end, you contribute to the greater acceptance of our community. Hate away, you sad little man.

  • aidanbh

    I don’t think that we should be quite so hard on Debbie Massey. In one way, she is quite right. I, too, think that “we should scream and wine”. As long as it is a good vintage, from a respectable vineyard, the more, the better, I say.

    • greybat

      Make mine Screamers and Rossi on the Rocks!

  • radiooutmike

    The issue with the show is that it lost ratings. Not enough God-fearing conservatives were watching it in the first place. Even if you believe your own bubble world that this was taken off the because it supported traditional conservative Christian values; why would ABC put it on to begin with, if they’re so liberal?

    It’s not like ABC is showing gay porn, just the same crap they’ve always shown.

    They also canceled the comedy show with the family that had a gay teen in it. Do I now have to believe I’ve been discriminated against, because a show I never watched is off the air now? Favorite shows get canceled, big deal.

    It seems market forces were at work.

  • flexdoc

    I believe the two words, suburban Tennessee , were the only explanation needed.

    • archienotbunker

      Madison is part of metro Nashville, which is decidedly liberal. Tennessee, on the other hand, is run by sociopaths.

      I’ll give you Tennessee overall, but Nashville is not part of that insanity.

  • Cbradleyactor

    Two things she doesn’t appear to understand. 1. Free speech is about the government, not about private corporations like television networks.

    2. A show can have high ratings but if advertisers won’t pay for whatever market the show appeals to, it gets cancelled. It’s that “free market,” the one they’re always foaming at the mouth to protect, in action.

  • linniejr

    I’m wondering if this woman thought that it was ok for ABC to push these racist, sexist, homophobic and other conservative ideals down my throat? She should have been fired. And last but not least, If I start boycotting the businesses that advertise on these channels, some changes are going to take place.

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