Debbie Downer

Lady who went on antigay tirade over Tim Allen show gets fired from her job, goes into hiding

It looks like Debbie Odom Massey is learning the hard way why it’s not a great idea to go on hateful, anti-LGBTQ rants on social media… especially when you’re on the board of directors for your community’s Chamber of Commerce.

Just to recap: Debbie caused quite a scene on Facebook over the weekend when she shared a Breitbart article to her page then went on a homophobic rant over ABC’s decision to cancel her favorite Tim Allen sitcom “Last Man Standing,” accusing the network of “cramming same-sex making out into our homes” and trying to “indoctrinate people” whilst promoting “LGBT blah blah blah”:

As it turns out, Debbie isn’t just a lonely soul in suburban Tennessee with too much time on her hands. She’s also the executive director of the board of directors for the Madison Rivergate Chamber of Commerce. Or at least she was until yesterday evening.

Last night, the board held an emergency meeting in response to the unwanted attention their executive director, who is paid by the chamber, had drawn to herself and their organization, which represents over 200 member businesses. With little fanfare, they voted to request her immediate resignation.

The chamber also voted to take additional steps to reach out to LGBTQ businesses and encourage diversity in the community, as well as to join Tennessee Thrives, a statewide anti-discrimination initiative. Chamber members will also begin diversity training, and a new policy regarding social media posts will be implemented.

In a statement, openly gay chamber member David McMurry said that despite Debbie’s antigay Facebook tirade, it has still been a “unique pleasure working closely with” her. He added that he looks forward to “helping our Madison remain a welcoming community, rich with a diverse mixture of residents and businesses.”

As for Debbie, she hasn’t spoken to media or issued any comment, though she has had the good sense to set her Facebook profile to private.

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h/t: The Tennessean