Lady Wonders, “Should I Come Out of The Closet?”

We’re totally psyched about National Coming Out Day on October 11th.
Sure, we still stand by our original assertion that coming out on NCOD is like “being a mass casuality in some terrible homosexual campaign,” we’d rather have people come out on a preordained day than not come out at all.

So, for those of you looking to shed a little light on your gay selves, we whole-heartedly support your decision to come out on the what HRC has deemed the day to “Talk About It”.

In preparation for the big fag outing, we’d like to share this brilliant clip with you produced by a woman named Denise McCanles.
We haven’t the foggiest as to who she is or what she does, but we love her. Denise, if you’re out there, kudos to you.

Even though we’re all alone, we literally clapped at the conclusion. No tears, though, but that’s just because we lost our tear ducts in a botched face lift. We’d cry about it, but…again, no tear ducts.

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  • C4bl3Fl4m3

    I’ve searched YouTube fruitlessly for this video. What’s the URL to it so I can grab the embed code for myself and share it on my own blog?

    That’s SO awesome!

  • No Closets Here

    That was so cute! Denise is my new dorky best friend.

  • dustin

    C3bl3Fl3m3, just click anywhere on the video and it’ll open up the youtube page where you can find the link to add the video to your blog.

  • dustin

    aparently i don’t know how to use the number 4…

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