Clinton Makes Her Wet

Larry Craig Makes Margaret Cho “Sad”

Life isn’t all fun and games for comedienne Margaret Cho. The 38-year old entertainer does, indeed, feel for disgraced Senator Larry Craig, a man who’s become a national punchline. Cho tells journo Julie Bolcer:

I feel sorry for him. I think it’s really sad. What a tragic character. He’s tragic. People like Ted Haggart [sic] – that’s tragic. Or Mark Foley. These are living tragedies. They’re people who want to be part of a society that does not want them, and so they’re willing to be secretive about their sexuality and hide who they are, and really who they are is not bad, it’s not criminal at all. But it drives them to sort of criminalizing acts. It’s really sad.

Cho also told Bolcer she thinks Hillary’s hot and “has got that ‘hot for teacher’ kind of feeling”. We’re sure Clinton’s tickled pinker than the pinkest labia.

[PS: Cho’s also promoting her NYC cabaret show, The Sensuous Woman.]