Larry Craig Plea Denied

Lights out for Larry Craig. A Minnesota judge rejected the Idahoan senator’s plea to dismiss a disorderly conduct charge. As we’re all well aware, police buster Craig for cruising an airport bathroom for gay sex. Says CNN:

Hennepin County District Judge Charles Porter found Craig had entered the guilty plea “accurately, voluntarily and intelligently” and it was too late to withdraw his admission.

In a sharply worded, 27-page order, the judge found the Idaho Republican had freely given his plea after extensive discussions with prosecutors and after waiving his right to an attorney.

“The defendant, a career politician with a college education, is of at least above-average intelligence,” Porter wrote. “He knew what he was saying, reading and signing.”

Larry Craig said he would resign if the plea was denied. The clock’s ticking…

The original report included a quote from the Senator saying he would stay in office. That was an old statement. Apologies.