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LISTEN: The Fonz Digs The Gays And Gaga. Ayyy!

The Six Pack is an interactive podcast hosted by Ben Harvey and Dave Rubin featuring guests from the worlds of entertainment, politics and pop culture, and lively debate from a modern gay perspective.


The Six Pack 77:  “Rainbow Trout”

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What’s on this week’s episode?

This week, Ben and Dave chew the fat with actor, director, producer and author Henry Winkler.  He got his big break as Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzerrelli on Happy Days, but Winkler is much more than a jukebox bumping, motorcycle-riding greaser. He’s an accomplished .  He’s popped up in multiple Adam Sandler movies and has stolen scenes in Arrested Development, Royal Pains, Law & Order and Adult Swim’s Children’s Hospital. His new book, I’ve Never Met an Idiot on the River, is a collection of personal photographs and reflections about his family and his love of fishing.

On Winkler’s gay fans
“I have wonderful gay fans, wonderful straight fans…and some very confused fans!”


“I really want her autograph. I respect her. I thought she was incredibly insightful, incredibly supportive, incredibly warm, and had the biggest shoes I’d ever seen in my entire life.”


On the Fonz and his career
“A lot of people I meet all over the world talk about the Fonz. He gave me this platform that has then created the rest of my life. So I deeply appreciate him.”


Also on this podcast:

  • In the news: The New York Times sniffs around Anderson Cooper‘s personal life, while  the Twitter feed #OccupyWallStreet  is coordinating hipsters, commies, anarchists and activists who want to shake up Wall Street’ sleazy ways.
  • NYC gay-sports-league guru Jeff Kagan talks about boys, balls and what a full-court press is. (Seriously, we have no idea)


ben and daveDave Rubin is a stand-up comedian, TV personality and blogger. Ben Harvey is a radio DJ, TV personality and event producer responsible for the monthly Gumbo party in New York City. E-mail the show at [email protected].



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