Little Edie Goes To Broadway!

grey gardens broadway

It’s no secret Queerty harbors a deep love for the Maysles Brothers brilliant documentary Grey Gardens. The film, which if you ignorant queens don’t know, centers on Jackie O’s eccentric (to say the least) cousins has had a gay cult following for years (it even spawned a Rufus Wainright song – again for you ignorant bitches). Well, now you can see Big Edie and Little Edie’s names in lights.

Grey Gardens” also developed a following among people, gay men especially, who responded both to the implicit campiness of the film – two faded old biddies, preening and bickering and singing Cole Porter tunes in la-di-dah accents – and to the women’s eccentricity, originality and uncompromising independence. The two Edies, a cross between the Collyer brothers and Miss Havisham and Estella, are a bizarre version of the American family but ultimately an affectionate and mutually sustaining one. Their admirers include numbers of men who love to watch the film while dressed in drag and reciting the dialogue from memory.

While we love Drew Barrymore, we’re not sure she’ll be able to pull off the planned film version, so we might head to Broadway to see this little number. Little Edie would be “absolutely pulverized with happiness” for us.

The Cat Ladies Sing [NY Times]

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