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Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach’s Awesome Lawsuit to Block His DADT Discharge


Oh fun! The Air Force’s Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach is suing the federal government in an Idaho court to block his discharge under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. He’s got almost 20 years in the military, so getting fired would be a real sonofabitch when it came to collecting a fat pension, so I totally get it.

Too bad Fehrenbach’s got a case that’s pretty unique and might not apply to other gay soldiers facing discharge: He was forced to acknowledge having gay sex to defend himself against what turned out to be false rape allegations. (It’s not like somebody found his cell phone.) But make no mistake: Fehrenbach’s lawsuit is asking the court to rule unconstitutional the 1993 law signed by Bill Clinton.

Please, Obama administration, face down this Afghanistan veteran in court.