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Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach’s Awesome Lawsuit to Block His DADT Discharge


Oh fun! The Air Force’s Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach is suing the federal government in an Idaho court to block his discharge under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. He’s got almost 20 years in the military, so getting fired would be a real sonofabitch when it came to collecting a fat pension, so I totally get it.

Too bad Fehrenbach’s got a case that’s pretty unique and might not apply to other gay soldiers facing discharge: He was forced to acknowledge having gay sex to defend himself against what turned out to be false rape allegations. (It’s not like somebody found his cell phone.) But make no mistake: Fehrenbach’s lawsuit is asking the court to rule unconstitutional the 1993 law signed by Bill Clinton.

Please, Obama administration, face down this Afghanistan veteran in court.

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  • reason

    President has promised Lt. Col. Fehrenbach that “we will get this done.” The ball is in congresses hands and the Senate is expected to take up the bill after recess if McCain doesn’t succeed in blocking it. Lt. Colonel Fehrenbach is a true warrior, he is not rushing out of the military as fast as possible, Choi, he going to stand and fight. He is exhibiting the signs of a true hero, he is determined to serve his country and will take no prisoners in order to do so. He is taking the smart route and trying to hold on as long as possible, so if congress comes through and the Administration moves he can continue serving. Even as a Republican that voted for John Boehner, he takes his oath seriously and has full confidence in Barack Obama. The repeal cannot happen with out congress, so the Republicans that are trying to block this and the Blue Dogs that are trying to delay need to be pressured. Those of you who believe in Executive Order issuing a stop loss, not only will that not change the law, it would be inconsequential regarding removal for violation of DADT as stated in the following unclassified document on page 13 ”

  • Chris

    @reason: Wrong, he promised Lt. Dan Choi. And look where he is now.

  • Chris

    @Chris: I was wrong, he did say it. He just said it to Choi as well. :(

  • DR

    I’m sure the DOJ will once again vigorously defend the lawsuit with the same resources it’s defended every other GLBT case it’s defended, including the same sad language about sex and pedophiles…

  • Rick Brannon

    LTC Vic is HAWT!

  • pete

    @Rick Brannon: Oh my god, is he ever! First, the Morning Goods hottie, now this guy. I don’t think I’m going to leave the bathroom at all today!

  • Sug Night

    I’d like to block his discharge…

  • Jaroslaw

    Clever #7 me too

  • edgyguy1426

    Please, Obama administration, face down this Afghanistan veteran in court.

    What dies this mean, exactly? ^

  • reason

    @Chris: It happens, but to your later point Choi is where Choi is because of Choi and no one else. Choi knew the rules and he broken them on his own accord. With a weak performance in the service Choi decided to try his luck else where.

  • Suzygoo

    @reason: you mentioned that Choi has a weak performance in the service-please elaborate and provide citation/support for it. I understoon that Lt. Choi spoke/translates Arabic, was an Veteran of the Iraqi War, graduated from West Point Academy and was a Infantry Officer. What performance are you referring to that is weak? Now my thoughts go to how well Lt. Choi and Lt. Col. Fehrenback perform in other areas-mmmmmmmm!

  • Steve

    Okay, when people lose their jobs for proving that rape charges against them are bogus, there’s something wrong.

  • declanto

    It takes balls to stand and fight back. I’m doing lots of hero-worship right now, so excuse the one-handed typing. Should I talk about accepting his discharge??? M-M-M-M!!!

  • MR

    How come the US has a problem when all the other effective western military forces allow gay people to serve? You guys is spesh-ul!

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