Lucky Lesbian Couple Win FL Lottery, Dodge Cancer Scare On The Same Day

Somebody upstairs must like Tarra Tuttle and Cary Tullos. The two women, a couple for seven years with two children, won the Florida Lottery’s Billion Dollar Blockbuster last Wednesday.

But earlier that same day, the family got even better news: Tullos’ test results were back and she did not have breast cancer.

“You not having breast cancer means far more to me than this,” Tuttle told Tullos about their $10 million windfall. “This is just a gift.”

Tuttle told the Miami Herald she plans to use some of her winnings to help cancer patients, as well as those suffering from a neurological disorder called Chiari malformation, which affects a family member. “I’m the girl that always gives money in the grocery line. Feed whoever you need to feed.”