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Madison Cawthorn’s crappy week continues with announcement of 2022 challenger… who happens to be gay

Rep. Madison Cawthorn‘s week has gone from bad to worse to worser.

First, Buzzfeed published a damning report in which more than 30 of his former friends, classmates, and acquaintances accused him of sexual harassment, misconduct, and other inappropriate behavior. Then the Washington Post ran a story claiming he lied about that 2014 car crash that left him partially paralyzed.

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Now, the newly-elected first-term lawmaker from North Carolina has his first 2022 Democratic challenger, and it’s a gay Christian minister with three kids.

“Some people will say, a gay woman who’s a Christian minister just can’t get elected in the South. Not to mention she’s a Democrat,” Jasmine Beach-Ferrara says in a campaign video released today. “But I say, an insurrectionist, who flirts with Nazis, and fires up a violent crowd to attack our democracy, well, he shouldn’t get reelected anywhere.”

Well, damn. She’s not messing around.

Beach-Ferrara definitely has an uphill battle ahead of her. Not only did Cawthorn beat his last Democratic opponent 54 to 42, but she’s running in a district that Donald Trump won by 11 points in 2020. Still, she believes she has what it takes to unseat the accused sexual predator.

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In her campaign video, Beach-Ferrara, who currently serves as Buncombe County commissioner, touted winning local seats in her district, as well as her advocacy work around marriage equality and other social issues, and her ability to work across the aisle.

Speaking to local media this week, Beach-Ferrara said, “My faith teaches me that leadership starts with empathy, compassion, and listening and then getting to work to help people. That’s the kind of leadership I want to offer instead of the division and mean-spiritedness we’re getting now.”

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