Madonna’s Teenage Daughter Lourdes Is Going On Tour With Her, Might Perform

During an interview on Larry Flick’s SiriusXM show, Madonna confirmed rumors that her teenage daughter Lourdes will be accompanying her on upcoming world tour.

“She’s definitely going to tour with me,” said Madge. “I gotta keep my eye on her, she’s 15.”

Madonna says Lourdes, who sings on the track “Superstar” and can play the piano fantastically, might perform, but she’s being a typical indecisive teenager about it. Says Madge:

“She hasn’t decided what she wants to do yet. She plays the piano beautifully, she’s an incredible singer, but she’s going through that phase right now, the ‘I don’t want anybody to notice me’ phase. So, she might be doing hair and makeup or dressing people.”

What do you think—should Lourdes throw down the gauntlet and upstage mom, or should she focus on developing her sartorial prowess?