Songster Ed Droste lets us in on his teenage fantasies in the fresh issue of Out. The Grizzly Bear guitarist and songwriter joins Pulitzer-nominated Tom Spanbauer, John Waters and Margaret Cho in sharing their long gone covert porn loves. You know covert porn – the scintillating bits that you got off before you knew how to get off. So, what got young Droste hot?

It’s sort of embarrassing to admit, given what a cliche the early-’90s gay icon Marky Mark Calvin Klein underwear campaign was, but at the time that image really got my loins all in a tizzy. Back then, a nice torso was all it took, as I didn’t have the balls to go out and get some gay porn… [Also] I quite enjoyed an early-’80s shot of Sting on a beach taken by Annie Leibovitz that was in a book of Rolling Stone photography my parents gave me one year. He was a bit hairy and lean back then and did everything Marky Mark did and more. Both images served as rather nice masturbation fodder, but generally speaking they were the mild springboard to my imagination, which is what usually sealed the deal…

We bet some of those imaginings involved Sting teaching Mr. Wahlberg a thing or two. We’re also pretty sure some of you shared author Christopher Rice’s youthful interest in International Male catalogs. The clothing sucked, but those boys be poppin’!

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