Mass. Gov. Proposes Bill To Legalize Discrimination

massachusetts.jpgGovernor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, has proposed a bill excluding religious organizations from the state’s anti-discrimination laws, should those laws go against their beliefs. The bill is meant to prevent religiously-affiliated adoption agencies from “breaking the law” if they choose to not place children in gay families.

On one hand, we all have the right to like or dislike who we want, for whatever reason we want; and that includes religions saying they don’t like gay people for any reason they choose. But on the other hand, we all have to follow the laws that our states voted on; one group can’t be “exempt” from a law just because they don’t like it.

Or maybe Mitt Romney can come down here and exempt us from having George Bush as our President. as we find him morally objectionable due to his embarrassing lack of intelligence.

Mass. Gov. Proposes Bill To Legalize Discrimination [AP]

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