Does Know, However, That He Doesn't Like 'Em

Matt Barber Doesn’t Understand The Queers

Matt Barber simply can’t wrap his closed, conservative mind around the trans experience. Nor does the Concerned Women of America member* have much love for those of us who do:

Liberal ideology and political correctness, infused with public policy, begets social insanity.

Case in point: A recent report on a popular homosexual “news” site declares, “A transgendered student says he is the victim of discrimination at a small Massachusetts community college because he is biologically female.”

Say what? “He” is “female”? Welcome to PC-ville. Come for the oxymoron, stay for the cognitive dissonance.

As much as we loathe Barber’s perspective, we have to admit he makes us laugh.

We’d also like to note that Barber’s Renew America piece begins with a quote from anti-gay radio host Michael Savage. It’s a match made in homophobic heaven, which sounds a lot like hell to us!

Barber belongs to a women’s group, but slams people who want to be women. Just saying…