Maya Rudolph’s ‘Melania Trump Eating Diamonds’ More Relevant Than Ever

maya rudolph

For many of us, last night was the first time we heard from Melania Trump, the woman Donald plucked from a wriggling basket to marry after growing bored of his previous conquests.

Who is this lady? Well as is so often the case, the truth is not as much fun as the myths perpetuated by former Saturday Night Live stars. (Remember “I can see Russia from my house”?) While Melania may be your garden-variety model who married a rich guy, Maya Rudolph has invented a new career for her: selling diamonds that you eat.

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“I love diamond. But we all ask ourself. Why can I not eat it?” she asks in a weird skit from a few months ago. She then stuffs a handful of jewels into her mouth, chewing and purring “Yummy. Made to enjoy. Have a good time today.”

Acknowledging the role that she seems to have adopted for most of the campaign so far, Melania adds, “Gives me the energy I need to sit and wait, or stand and wait.”

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After a while, Maya as Melania wanders over to Kate McKinnon, playing Heidi Cruz. They have a fun exchange, during which Maya seems like she is legitimately about to choke on whatever prop she just put in her mouth, and then Heidi makes fun of her accent. That detail saves the skit from descending into something unpleasant and unfunny — making fun of non-native English speakers for their accents — by turning the joke around and mocking Heidi for being THAT white lady.

All in all, a fun time had by all. After Melania’s weird performance last night, cribbing from Michelle Obama’s speech, it may be a while before we see her speaking on stage again. So enjoy the imposters instead.