McGreevey Admin’s Missing Emails

Could Jim McGreevey be the gay Dick Cheney? New Jersey’s Star-Ledger reported Monday that the former Governor and/or his staff inappropriately disposed of emails, which are meant to be archived.

The destruction came to light during into an investigation into discriminatory politics during McGreevey’s reign. Elizabeth Wong formerly of the higher Education Student Assistance Authority director Elizabeth Wong alleges that the administration mistreated her because she’s Asian. Lawyers looking into the case hit a road block when they attempted to get correspondence regarding Wong.

Multiple insiders say McGreevey made quite a habit of deleting messages:

Sources who worked for McGreevey said they believe that, in the earliest days of his administration, the computer system was set for what they termed an “aggressive” purging schedule. The setting was designed to limit how many documents would have to be turned over to reporters seeking information under the Open Public Records Act that took effect shortly after McGreevey became governor.

McGreevey has acknowledged destroying documents, but just things that “were not important”. Oh, okay…