boy scoutsA Boy Scouts pack in Maryland has removed a non-discrimination statement including support for gay Scouts and Scoutmasters from its website rather than be kicked out by its regional council.

Pack 422 of Cloverly, Maryland, made headlines this week when its inclusive policy, enacted last year and posted on its website, earned the ire of the  DC-based The National Capital Area Council.

The families of Pack 442, which serves boys age 7-10,  voted unanimously in August that they “will not discriminate against any individual or family based on race, religion, national origin, ability or sexual orientation.”

The unit had until today, Saturday, to remove the statement or face expulsion. A poll was conducted on the Pack 442 website—one that any member of the public could vote on—and it appears the majority wanted to keep the pack intact.

A statement on the site reads:

Due to pressure from the National Capital Area Council of BSA, Pack 442 was forced to remove its Non-Discrimination statement in order to keep our Charter (set to expire Jan 31st). This Non-Discrimination statement, previously posted here, welcomed ALL families.

Please feel free to send feedback to NCAC at 301-530-9360

Pack 442 will continue to provide a wonderful and enriching program for scouts and families in the community.

That doesn’t mean the pack will turn away gay scouts, but it will have to pretend they’re not gay. The choices in the poll were:

A.  “Keep our current non-discrimination policy on the website, most likely not be rechartered by BSA, and continue to operate but as an independent scout group that openly welcomes all families.”

B.   “Remove our non-discrimination policy from the web site, recharter with BSA, and return to a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, welcoming all families.”

Apparently the NCAC would prefer its scouts to compromise honesty and integrity rather than embrace equality. Is there a badge for that?


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