Meet the openly gay ‘Titan Games’ competitor working on the frontline of coronavirus

CrossFit athlete and real-life gay superhero Robbie Rodriguez (a.k.a. Rhino Robbie) recently appeared on NBC’s Titan Games, where he talked openly about being gay, being out, and being a frontline nurse in Florida during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rodriguez primarily handles testing patients who come into the Miami hospital where he works.

“A lot of the other nurses have families and kids, and were more worried about being exposed,” he explained. “I don’t have kids, so I’d often volunteer to [administer tests].”

The competition portion of Rodriguez’s Titan Games episode was filmed back in January, before the pandemic had hit the United States. Since then, he says his hospital has become inundated with COVID-19 patients.

“Last Friday I worked, and we saw 89 patients,” he said. “That’s pretty hectic for four nurses and two doctors.”

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Rodriguez continued, “The biggest challenge has just been dealing with everyone’s questions or concerns because everyone has the same concern. They come in scared.”

“Reassuring them has been the biggest challenge. To comfort those who are more anxious than myself.”

Rodriguez added that the way he gets through the long days and nights is by working out beforehand and consuming copious amounts of caffeine.

“How do I have the energy to train so hard after a 12-hour shift? Um, a good pre-workout. And coffee,” he joked.

Watch Rodriguez compete on Titan Games.

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