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Meghan McCain is absolutely FURIOUS she caught COVID and, of course, it’s ALL JOE BIDEN’S FAULT!!!!!

The coronavirus caught Sarah Palin this week, causing a delay in her libel trial against the New York Times. Now, it has picked up Meghan McCain, too.

McCain just published her latested op-ed in the Daily Mail in which she announces that she, John McCain’s daughter and former co-host of The View, has tested positive for COVID-19… and it’s all Joe Biden‘s fault!

In the article, McCain, who is vaccinated and boosted, says she’s a “pretty optimistic person by nature” but getting COVID-19 has completely changed how she views the entire world.

“The most sad and pessimistic moments that I have ever felt — since the initial months in lockdown – were after being diagnosed and sick these past weeks from Covid-19,” she writes.

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She also says that under Biden’s leadership, “everything keeps getting worse.”

“It is not rational for me to think President Biden could stop a virus, however it is rational for me to believe he would help make the treatment, testing, and overall morale of the country better,” she writes. “[We] need an intense and immediate shift away from whatever depression this administration is continuing to let the country experience.”

Evidently, Meghan didn’t hear about the program Biden just rolled out that gives every household in America four free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests. (Order them here.) Or how the Biden administration announced this week that it will begin distributing free N95 masks to the public. (More info on that here.) Or how both Pfizer and Moderna just revealed that they’re very close to having an Omicron-specific vaccine.

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“Maybe this is the best that Biden and his administration thinks America has to offer or deserves,” McCain gripes, “but I assure you there will be others out there who do not feel that way. And they will not let this country continue to be this sick–physically, emotionally, financially.”

“Biden may not believe in morning in America, but I sure as hell still do, just not under his failed leadership.”

Here’s how people are responding to McCain’s latest attack on Biden…

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