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Just when we didn’t think Meghan McCain could get any meaner, this happened…

Meghan McCain has just published another one of her op-eds in the Daily Mail and it’s all about how she thinks Joe Biden totally sucks at being president. She also accuses him of being a “con” and a “lie” and likening him to a “master”.

“He promised to be a president for all Americans and to usher us out of what was one of the most divided times in American history,” she writes. “By any metric, America is becoming a worse place to live, work, and raise our children.”

Then instead of, say, offering suggestions for how Biden might improve things in the United States, McCain proceeds to accuse him and his administration of being snarky and dividing people, all while being snarky and divisive herself.

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First, she attacks the “White House cast of characters from Chief of Staff Ron Klain to the ever-snarky Jen Psaki seem to have no new ideas at all.”

“At least Kamala Harris is working on her rebrand,” the mean girl writes. “Good luck with that!”

“There is very little left to straighten out the Biden administration’s failing agenda and PR problems. So instead, they’re doubling down on division.”

(Side note: One person McCain does not criticize is Biden’s pick for United States Ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture, who happens to be her mother, Cindy McCain.)

From there, Meghan goes on to attack Biden for his “bizarrely vitriolic” about voting rights in Georgia last week, blasting him for comparing people who opposes voting rights to the staunch segregationist George Wallace.

“In the eyes of President Biden and his administration, if you do not support changing the Senate filibuster rules to pass stalled voting and election legislation, you are comparable to some of the most reviled villains of our past.”

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McCain concludes her op-ed by going on a tangent about how Democrats always accuse Republicans of being racist whenever they do racist things, and how that’s totally NOT cool.

“The promise of a united, bipartisan Biden-era has been revealed as a con and a lie,” she writes. “If you disagree with him or his policies, you are no better than racist segregationists.”

“No great president in history has ever inspired his nation by accusing them of being comparable to the worst kind of figures in American history if you disagree with them.”

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