Mets Pitcher Noah Syndergaard Calls Minor-League Player “Fag” In Tweet


We could probably start a tumblr with nothing but homophobic tweets from professional athletes: The New York Daily News is reporting Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard tweeted an anti-gay comment from his Twitter account, @noahsyndergaard, on December 9.

Apparently addressing minor-league player Dayton Marze’s choice of footwear, Syndergaard—or someone using his account—wrote, “@DMarze89 nice crocs fag lol”

The post has since been deleted, but a spokesman for the Mets said the team was investigating the incident.

Syndergaard was recently acquired from the Toronto Blue Jays in a much-publicized deal. Maybe he still thinks he’s on his old team—it was just a few months ago that Blue Jay shortstop Yunel Escobar wrote “tu ere maricon (“you are a faggot”) on his eye block.