Mets Pitcher Noah Syndergaard Calls Minor-League Player “Fag” In Tweet


We could probably start a tumblr with nothing but homophobic tweets from professional athletes: The New York Daily News is reporting Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard tweeted an anti-gay comment from his Twitter account, @noahsyndergaard, on December 9.

Apparently addressing minor-league player Dayton Marze’s choice of footwear, Syndergaard—or someone using his account—wrote, “@DMarze89 nice crocs fag lol”

The post has since been deleted, but a spokesman for the Mets said the team was investigating the incident.

Syndergaard was recently acquired from the Toronto Blue Jays in a much-publicized deal. Maybe he still thinks he’s on his old team—it was just a few months ago that Blue Jay shortstop Yunel Escobar wrote “tu ere maricon (“you are a faggot”) on his eye block.

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  • horace

    Whoa Noah. Don’t worry it gets better after you come out.

  • Avenger

    Hope he doesn’t apologize.

  • Charli Girl

    Ahhh ,there’s a surprise …another insecure male! Here is the root of the problem with the hatred and violence in this country! His family roots are shining thru…Evidence of how little male children are raised…
    America needs to start addressing the way they are raising their little boys,stop teaching them that they somehow need to be superior and tough,because they become insecure and angry grown up males!
    I’m actually starting feel sorry for these males…they can’t express themselves truthfully so they lash out!
    His Moma should be so so proud of him…If he had an ounce of courage a gay man has,he’d probably feel so much better…
    How much courage does it take to try and be someone else instead of yourself??? Hmmmmmm?

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