Michael Lucas Gets Served!

We sure hope Michael Lucas has a good lawyer. The porn star has now officially been served with papers over his latest fuck flick, Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita‘s alleged infringement on Federico Fellini’s classic and similarly named, La Dolce Vita.

We previously reported that International Media Films seeks unknown damages from the porn star formerly known as Andrei Treivas Bregman. Now a source tells us that three legal entities are getting worked over: Michael Lucas himself, Lucas Entertainment and Lucas Distribution. That’s some deep, deep legal dickin’…

The same source also wonders about the movie’s record breaking win at the GayVN:

Some say that people voted for him repeatedly simply to bring more attention to what he did. In other words, the more attention he gets (which he actually wants, btw), the more there’s a chance of harsh legal action coming his way.

Does this mean that all those awards were just a ruse to inflame the legal fire? Poor Michael. He must be crushed. You know what will make you feel better, Mikey? Some fresh collagen. Works every time…