A big congratulations to conservative radio host Michael Savage!! We didn’t think it possible, but he’s reached a new low. Yes, lower than when he called a tazer-happy university cop a “bull-dyke fascist”. And way lower than that time he equated gay parenting with child abuse. You’re no doubt wondering, “What could be worse than calling gay parents abusers?” Media Matters provides the putrid details:

On the November 8 edition of Talk Radio Network’s The Savage Nation, a caller told host Michael Savage that while waiting at a stoplight in Midtown Manhattan, “I’m listening to you with the window open. This mean-faced, clipped-hair, liberal type — you know, the type you always talk about. … She comes up to my window and she goes, ‘You’re listening to hate speech. Why are you listening to that?'”

Savage replied to the caller’s anecdote by saying, “Well, what does that tell you about the loving, kind lesbian who just assaulted you in your car?” He continued: “She’s a — the type that stuffed ovens in [Adolf] Hitler’s concentration camps. Whenever I hear anyone preaching to me about how compassionate they are, I reach for my Glock. That’s all I can tell you. They can all drop dead.”

Incredible, right? Not only does Savage imply lesbians helped Hitler destroy millions of people, he admits his own murderous rages! And gays are the evil ones.

We have to give Savage even more credit for curbing his overuse of the word “fascist”. He only used it once in this rant, but sure as shit made it count: “[Lesbians are] the Nazis – the cryptofascists walking around.”

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