"My flesh crawls from the old queen."

Michael Savage Sounds Off On Keith Kerr

Radio host Michael Savage tainted the air waves with his repulsively closed mind Monday. A caller phoned in to ask why Savage refused to attend last week’s Republican debates. Savage first explains the bad blood between him and the news channel – something about Whoopi Goldberg, Al Sharpton and Joy Behar plotting a character attack on Larry King Live – and how Ted Turner set up a “bear trap” for conservatives.

From there, Savage launches a verbal assault on “Anderson Blooper” and Keith Kerr, the retired brigadier who asked the presidential candidates about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. And, from what we gather, Savage isn’t so keen on Kerr:

I don’t care about this old queen, frankly. He disgusts me to make — my flesh crawls from the old queen. That was a general? Now you wonder why we’re still in Iraq five years later. General — with General Keith Kerr, you know why we’re still in Iraq five years later. That’s all. He wasn’t just racking up cue balls at the pool table. I’m sick of it! I’m sick of the whole country, it’s like Rome! It’s melting down like Rome!

Christ, won’t someone feed Savage to the lions, already?

The 65-year old commentator also commented on Cooper’s sexuality: “Why don’t you enlist, Anderson? I’m not saying you’re gay. But you certainly could enlist if you’re so interested in “do ask do tell.””

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  • hells kitchen guy

    “he wasn’t just racking up cue balls at the pools table.” OK, I’m obtuse. WTF does he mean?

  • Scott Berwitz

    HKG –

    I have no idea, but this is totally par for the course for Savage…it’s actually rather tame by his standards.

    His disgusting comments are no slip of the tongue…he’s been speaking this way (including asking one gay caller to die of AIDS) for many years.

  • Leland Frances

    I’ve asked it before; I’ll ask it again: where is Lee Harvey Oswald now that we need him?

  • ProfessorVP

    It is a cute way of saying Kerr was into balls, the more the better. Savage chose cue balls since they are more similar to men’s balls than, say, ping pong balls (too small) or volley balls (too big). Savage thinks he’s funny.

    Michael Savage is the invention of Michael Weiner; it’s a character he portrays. Like Ann Coulter. This type of thing is ancient in showbiz. Jack Benny was a character, too, but a loveable one, a vain, penny-pinching narcissist. It’s acting.

  • Matt

    If true, Prof, it’s hardly analogous to Jack Benny. His vain, penny-pinching narchissist was pretty benign. Savage and Coulter know very well that their “act” (if indeed that’s what it is, and I’m not convinced) are encouraging, if not directly inciting, violence and hatred among the brain-dead rightwing fundy wackos who listen to them.

  • hells kitchen guy

    ProfVP: Oh. Pretty obscure reference if you ask me. I ask it’s supposed to be cute. If he gets ratings, he’ll stay on the air. People (at least Arbitron people) have to vote with their feet.

  • Seth Greenberg

    Mike Savage speaks the truth and that is why everyone is pissed. There is not a person in the county who speaks the truth anymore.
    Go to his website and the storys you do not hear about on the local news will amaze you.


  • Peter

    @ Seth … he speaks the truth as long as he is not talking about you.

  • Daniel

    Leland Francis I see you do not believe in the 1st amendment, kill those who you disagree with. You punk fascist bastard!

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